Nando’s, Mugabe & the Chinese take-away

Sipu recently published the latest ad from Nando’s titled “Last Dictator standing” lampooning bob mugabe, if you missed it or haven’t seen it yet here it is , go and have a look, it will help you make sense of this, Wigget’s latest cartoon published today in my local weekend read.

Sipu also posted a comment linking to a Business Day report which stated that Nando’s had been pressured into withdrawing the ad, well they didn’t, I’m pleased to report that I saw it flighted again today, I’ve now probably seen it perhaps 10 times since its launch on Thursday.

Funny enough, all the ads that I’ve seen have had the Chairman Mao (Karaoke bar) scene omitted, perhaps Nando’s Beijing shareholders hold more sway than                                                those up in Harare 😉

Update (Sunday 04Dec. ( pm))

Nando’s have pulled the ad, press release published in my Sunday Times here 😦

Oh! The cartoon, on the next page…

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