RWC trivia – a test (of useless information)

Did you know that in every world cup except the first (obviously) the winning nation had to defeat the holders en route?

Two big games for our northern hemisphere members tomorrow, while you’re waiting for kick off here’s a bit of the fun stuff that we’ve been discussing and questioning of late, there’s one or two fascinating titbits here;

  1. Name the capital of New Zealand, the one before the current one and the one before that? Wellington, Aukland, Russel – Cuprum
  2. Who is the only sportsman ever to represent his country in both the cricket and rugby world cups?- Rudi van Vuren Namibia – Cuprum
  3. These flags all represent nations who have participated in rugby world cups, any ideas?
    First batch of flags

    Fiji, Zim., Samoa, Ivory coast – solved by Cuprum

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½ a head of lettuce


A man walked into a supermarket and asked to buy half a head of lettuce. The boy working in that department told him that they only sold whole heads of lettuce. The man was insistent that the boy ask the manager about the matter.

Walking into the back room, the boy said to the manager,”Some old bastard wants to buy a half a head of lettuce.”

As he finished his sentence, he turned around to find that the man was standing right behind him, so he quickly added,”and this gentleman kindly offered to buy the other half.”
The manager approved the deal and the man went on his way.

Later, the manager said to the boy,”I was impressed with the way you got yourself out of that situation earlier, we like people who can think on their feet here, and where are you from son?”

“New Zealand, sir,” the boy replied.

“Why did you leave New Zealand?”the manager asked.

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RWC 2011 – free audio

If, like me, you are occasionally denied access to a television or you’re working or you don’t subscribe to whichever TV network is showing the rugby you can get free audio commentary here.

I’m currently listening to the Irish playing the Ruskies, the commentary is good, includes snippets of information as radio commentary should. (Did you know that New Zealand switched to daylight saving time today?)


Back the Boks

Game card front
Our local brewer also happen to be a major Springbok sponsor, they are currently running the above promotion, buy a Castle, get a Back the Boks game card.
When you open the card you’re given details of the prize, the player and the game. If your player scores a try in the specified game you collect, easy!

Embarrassing, unintelligent rabble

No, not my opinion, for I know nothing of Rugby Union – or of Rugby of any flavour, come to that.   But in pursuit of Cuprum‘s vehement assertions, I have diligently perused the Australian media and distilled their informed views – which include the hindsight realisations of both the Wallabies captain and coach – into my headline.

Rather than attempting to understand the finer points of the articles and to précis their wisdom – a course of action that would be highly unwise for a Rugby rabbit – I present my evidence as links –

So whichever way you look at it – sorry Cuprum, but you were wrong.   In spades.
We was wubbish! 😥