RWC trivia – a test (of useless information)

Did you know that in every world cup except the first (obviously) the winning nation had to defeat the holders en route?

Two big games for our northern hemisphere members tomorrow, while you’re waiting for kick off here’s a bit of the fun stuff that we’ve been discussing and questioning of late, there’s one or two fascinating titbits here;

  1. Name the capital of New Zealand, the one before the current one and the one before that? Wellington, Aukland, Russel – Cuprum
  2. Who is the only sportsman ever to represent his country in both the cricket and rugby world cups?- Rudi van Vuren Namibia – Cuprum
  3. These flags all represent nations who have participated in rugby world cups, any ideas?
    First batch of flags

    Fiji, Zim., Samoa, Ivory coast – solved by Cuprum

  4. Who is the only player to represent 2 different nations at rugby world cups ) – Frank Bunce W.Samoa (1991) NZ (1995) – Cuprum
  5. 5 drop goals were scored by the same player in a single RWC match, who by, against who and when? Jannie de Beer, England, France (1999) – Cuprum
  6. How many points were scored by South Africans in the ’95 RWC final? All of them (27) – Cuprum
  7. We all know that it’s the Webb Ellis trophy, have players with the surnames Webb and Ellis ever played a RWC match on opposing sides? If so, for which countries, where and when? Japan v NZ, Hamilton, 16/09 – see comment 24
  8. WhichΒ  50 over ODI has just been rescheduled because it clashes with a RWC game? S.A. v Australia, 23/10 – see comment 23
  9. One of Wales or Ireland will progress to the semis tomorrow, is it uncharted territory or have either ever reached a semi-final before, if so when and against whom?Β  – Wales 8-NZ 49, (1987 ) – Low Wattage
  10. And finally some more flags from participants
Second batch of flags

Namibia, Tonga, Georgia, Uruguay – solved by OZ

Finished already ?

That wasn’t too difficult was it ?


24 thoughts on “RWC trivia – a test (of useless information)”

  1. Hello Soutie: I only know half of number 9. Wales made the Semi’s in 1987, they were trounced by the All Blacks who went on to win the cup (beating France?). Wales beat Australia? to make third. Not hard to figure out which team I support.
    That looks like the Irish flag at d (so it must be a trick?)

  2. Hi all, been away on holiday out of dongle range, first 5 minutes back home, saw this, thought it more fun than unpacking!

    A quick answer or two…..

    1) Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch?
    2) Jeff Wilson (NZ)
    3a Fiij, 3b, Zimbabwe, 3c, Western Samoa 3d, Ivory Coast
    4) A western Samoan Fly half Walter Little?
    5) A south african, against England in 1995, Jani Furie (apologies for spelling)
    6) 15-12 Joel Stransky kicked winning drop goal in extra time having not had food poisoning unlike the ABs!
    9) Wales made 1987 Semi lost to NZ
    10a) Namibia, 10d) one for Donald!

    Great fun – 7 and 8 are passes!

  3. Hiya, Soutie

    Flags – first batch

    Top left – Fiji
    Top right – Zinbabwe
    Bottom left – Samoa
    Bottom right – Ireland

    Second batch

    Top left – Namibia
    Top right – Tonga
    Bottom left – Georgia (?)
    Bottom right – Uruguay


  4. Or even Zimbabwe.

    Cuprum – you’re right about Ivory Coast. That’ll teach me to pay more attention in future (and that’s a sneaky one, Soutie! :-).


  5. Cuprum

    1) Very close, few of us realised Wellington was the capital but full answers are required to get on the score sheet πŸ™‚
    2) Not the name I have, got a link, perhaps there are 2 ❓
    Checked him out, he didn’t represent NZ at 2 world cups, so no points unfortunately 😦
    3) Correct
    4) Close
    5) No
    6) You haven't answered the question πŸ˜‰
    9) Β½ point
    10) Ja, but you need all 4 to be mentioned in dispatches!

  6. OK, rub it in why don’t you. πŸ˜€ I realise that NOW, in fact as soon as Cuprum mentioned Ivory Coast!

    Stoopid wolf!


  7. Look, Soutie. Could we all just agree that rugby is a very silly game and that nobody should waste any time watching it?

    I used to dabble with it but came to realise that it was a complete waste of time about 10 am last Saturday morning. More and worse, I was in bloody England at the time, sitting in an English pub watching in the company of lots of English rugby fans. I could not have been held answerable for my actions, in my opinion, if that bloody chariot had swung low just one more time.

    On the plus side, I was drinking good English beer. A fine Stoke on Trent brew called Titanic Bitter.

    Whatever, We should have beaten Argentina and England but we didn’t. Still think that there’s something there to build on. We have a young team and they will get better.

    In truth, still utterly hooked by the RWC and will be up at 6 am to watch the Irish q-Celts against the Welsh p-Celts. Should be a cracking game and I will be mainly neutral with a slight leaning towards Janh1’s boyos. I will then be supporting England against France..

    Moving on, I will, of course, be supporting the mighty Bokke against Oz. Don’t care about the other game.

  8. 2) I should have got this – I watched him at the Adelaide Oval in ’03 play for Namibia and get thrashed 140-0 ish by Australia. Rudie Van Vuren I think.

  9. 4) as you say, close. It was his 2nd 5/8th, Frank Bunce. Other members of the Little family played for Samoa whereas Walter was only a AB. School boy error!

  10. 2) Well done cuprum, Rudi it is, (142 – 0, still the RWC’s biggest margin) he’s also the only Namibian with a 5 wicket haul, (a ODI v England)
    4) Frank Bunce correct

  11. 5) Jani De Beer, 5 drop goals v England 1999 France.
    6) 15 ooo you strict quiz master you – Boadicea would have allowed it! πŸ™‚
    No idea on the cricket, still working on question 1 – I’m surprised not many knew Wellington – it is like not knowing Canada’s or Australia’s capital!
    7) – guessing it may be a game England played in 195 when their full back was a Doctor Webb (can’t remember his first name), no idea who the Eliis was. Giz a clue!

  12. 1) blimey, who’d have thought – Wellington, Auckland and Russell 1840-1841. I did research the last name!

  13. Well done cuprum, we’re getting closer πŸ˜‰

    1) Correct, few here knew that Wellington is the capital, most (me included) thought Auckland and possibly when told incorrect Christchurch, interesting bit about Russel I thought

    5) Correct

    6) Nearly there, we all know that Stransky scored our 15 but who scored The ABs points and where was he born?

    7) Is a beut of question, it happened this year, if nobody gets it by the end of today’s rugby I’ll stick the answer up, We have this question up on a couple of big rugby playing school’s web sites, got them all scratching their heads πŸ™‚

  14. 7) Ellis for NZ?

    6) Clever, I never realised Mehrtens was born in SA. Explains the name I guess. So all the 27 points were scored by people born in SA. Clever question!

  15. Cuprum

    7) correct

    6) correct, ‘clever’ did you think this would be easy? πŸ˜‰

    (perhaps I should have said SA born rather than South Africans)

  16. The S.A. vs Australia ODI scheduled for October 23 was originally pencilled in as a 10am (8:00gmt) start, in fact the firstwebsite that I looked at ( ) still shows the early start but because it clashes with the RWC 2011 final it has actually been put back by three hours! To a 1pm start (11:00gmt)

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