Ja well

Here’s my mates bill from last Saturday.

The Boks of course were playing Fiji, then Ireland kept us enthralled with their victory over the wannabees!

The wives of course were there, nobody has yet owned up to having the sprite!

Still, 44 brandy and cokes between 2 before noon can’t be bad 🙂

11 thoughts on “Breakfast”

  1. Disagree. 🙂
    “Brandy and coke” is a compound noun (of two nouns) describing a type of drink, so it takes a final ‘s’ in the plural. It’s not an adjectival compound like “mothers-in-law”. But then I could be wrong …

  2. Hiya Soutie

    The “The wives of course were there, nobody has yet owned up to having the sprite!” reminded me of


  3. LW, you are of course right. My ‘ was not working last night! 🙂

    Bearsy, your logic sounds good, but I would argue that, while the brandy is a specific amount, i.e. a tot, the coke is a variable quantity rather than a unit. So, I would like a brandy, with some coke. I would like two brandies, each with some coke. But, I won’t invade Poland if you disagree with me.

  4. Morning sipu, those commas are tricky things, mine often works when it shouldn’t and occasionally doesn’t when it should.

    Back to the topic, if you look at the bill, this place serves only 330ml bottles, a finite quantity, not sure how that affects your invasion plans though. 😕

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