Bok rugby jersey and ANC meddling

I've got one of these

While watching the anthems at tomorrow’s Boks v Wales match you may notice during the performance of our anthem some Bok supporters clutching either their right breast with their left hand, or clutching their left sleeve with their right.

Let me explain…

Our jersey for over a hundred years has looked like the one depicted on the left, Springbok emblem over the heart (it was combined with a Protea perhaps 10 years or so ago.)

Not good enough for the power crazed ANC government, they insisted that we ditch the Springbok and replace it with the Protea, as our cricketers and (I think) all other national sports have.

Our rugby board obviously had tremendous pressure placed on them by the politicians and agreed but in order to prevent full scale fall-out compromised by Continue reading “Bok rugby jersey and ANC meddling”