RWC 2011 – free audio

If, like me, you are occasionally denied access to a television or you’re working or you don’t subscribe to whichever TV network is showing the rugby you can get free audio commentary here.

I’m currently listening to the Irish playing the Ruskies, the commentary is good, includes snippets of information as radio commentary should. (Did you know that New Zealand switched to daylight saving time today?)


3 thoughts on “RWC 2011 – free audio”

  1. Thanks Soutie. Not that I shall listen, but very useful for Rugger enthusiasts. I shall add the link to the sidebar.

  2. Thanks Soutie – useful for me as I’m working long hours at the moment and can’t get to watch much more thab the highlight programs every evening.

    I just caught up a little today, disappointed in Les Bleus, not surprised by the English flattering to deceive against a B team Romania and feel a little for the Jocks against the Argies. They’re going to regret those last 10 minutes.

    Very disappointed too last night with the Pacific Island clash – I could see the weather affected the handling conditions but it was still not the entertainment I had anticipated. Samoa should give the Boks a good match.

    We’re all waiting for the QFs now! SA v Aus being the pick of the round – too close to call on current form. I’ll hedge SA by 3 – Aussie’s pack just too weak for me.

    I think that means SA v NZ and Ireland v France in the semis – ABs all the way it is then – no choking now!

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