S.A. vs Wales

Boks v Dragons

Right then, our world cup starts this morning

(Ladies, there’s a really really cool video at the end of this post which I’m sure that you will enjoy, please go take a look)

I’m off to quite a small local restaurant, we’ve booked it out, specified breakfast and coffee (they don’t do mugs, only those small one mouthful cups so I’ll be taking my own mug!)

Got my Springbok jersey on, the one with the badge on the left and my brand new springbok cap. Kickoff’s 10:30 am our time (8:30 gmt) got to be there an hour before.

The Wellington weather forecast says rain, doubt if that will affect our game plan too much, hopefully it will slow down those Welsh backs and make the ball dificult to handle πŸ˜‰

I see John Smit is starting, he’s well passed his sell by date and it’s doubtful if he’s even one of the top 3 hookers in the country, a great captain though. Time will tell.

Here’s the video I promised…



13 thoughts on “S.A. vs Wales”

  1. Molesters 16, Boks 17 at tfull time. SA wobbled and Wales, frankly, deserved to win. Soutie must have been clenched through most of the second half. πŸ™‚


  2. RSA not quite up to scratch, Wales better than expected. It made for an exciting game, certainly better than the England/Pumas one!

  3. Well then, phew!

    A win’s a win so they say.

    I made my feelings known about John Smit in the main body of the post, hopefully this is the last important game that he starts, of our 10 penalties conceded he was responsible for 3 of them resulting in 10 points for Wales! As for Butch James replacing Jean De Villiers, he was shown to be well passed it, a liability in fact, the Welsh try came through his centre slot.

    Talking about the Welsh try, scored by Toby Faletau, I bet there’s a name that you rarely hear sung in the valleys πŸ˜‰

    All in all, none of the pre-tournament favorites had convincing weekends, one down six to go, time will tell.

  4. tocino :

    Strange decision about the penalty.

    Toc, I’ve rarely seen anything like it, well not at this level, it certainly looked good to us!

  5. Soutie, ref. Toby Faletau, it is a comfort that there are plastic Welshmen, just as there are plastic Yanks, Scots and Oirish. Caroline, the tennis lady, is a plastic Dane, living in Monaco. Other countries achieve the same result by bestowing citizenship on their stars!

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