Germany ’48 – ’53 A Child’s Tale Part 3

At the time, I don’t suppose anyone ever thought that they were living through history, and just how important the Airlift would be to the free world! In 1997, I was staying in the Victory Services Club in London, prior to moving down to Wales. My stay coincided with the 50th Anniversary of the Berlin Airlift, many of the surviving aircrews were staying there as well. It was a very moving experience, talking to elderly men, who in their late teens, early twenties had flown those life saving supplies into Berlin! Continue reading “Germany ’48 – ’53 A Child’s Tale Part 3”

Germany ’48 – ’53 A Child’s Tale Part 2

My father did two postings in Berlin, one with his Regiment and one with another Corp, interspersed with a posting with back down the zone. It was whilst living in Berlin that I saw the results of war damage. Whole areas of Berlin were taken up with what us kids called the brickfields. These were acre upon acre of reclaimed bricks as far as the eye could see. The only people you saw working on them were women. In the two years since the end of the war the majority of the bombed out buildings had been taken down, but no rebuilding had started. Another thing that sticks in my memory is large signs on all the major roads stating that it was an offence for military vehicles not to stop and offer a lift to any service person in uniform. Life was very hard for the population. The German boys that I played with all looked very undernourished. If ever I had sweets or chocolate it was a real treat for them. It wasn’t all fun with the German kids though, both communities knew who had won the war! I had many a fight with them, sometimes we won the war, sometimes they did. I remember playing football with the local boys (even then it was England-v-Germany), I was the only one to have football boots. As children do, I grew out of them very quickly and gave them to one of the German boys. He was so emotional, he cried with gratitude. His father even came round to our house to thank us. I have to say, after that, my days of re-fighting the war were over! Continue reading “Germany ’48 – ’53 A Child’s Tale Part 2”

Germany ’48 – ’53 A Child’s Tale Part 1

I first went to Germany in early 1948, aged 5. My father, then serving with a County Regiment, had been posted to Dortmund in 47. My mother and I travelled via Harwich to the Hook of Holland and then onward by train. The things that remain in my memory about the journey are that I, along with many more, was sick on the ship, the smell of vomit was everywhere, the journey seemed to take for ever and I was labelled like a piece of luggage. I also remember boarder guards checking passports and papers. All really strange and frightening for mother and child. Continue reading “Germany ’48 – ’53 A Child’s Tale Part 1”

Following on from some post or other (can’t remember which one)

I thought that this may be of some use.

Since more and more Seniors are texting and tweeting there appears to be a need for a STC (Senior Texting Code).  If you qualify for Senior Discounts this is the code for you.
 Please pass this on to your children and grandchildren so they can understand your texts. Continue reading “Following on from some post or other (can’t remember which one)”

Mention in Dispatches aka MID

“Commanders-in-Chief in the field submitted periodical lists of officers and soldiers who were “mentioned in dispatches”. Award of a Mention ranked below MC or MM and could be for gallantry in action or for a wide range of services on and off the battlefield.”

Perhaps one should be awarded on a monthly basis to a worthy member on this site. I should like to nominate myself as the very first recipient. 🙂