11 thoughts on “Simples”

  1. A solution to the problem could be any school leaver without a job or who is not attending (actually turning up) full time education gets conscripted into the forces (boot camp). And absolutely no money from the state for any reason. his goes for men and women, if they have kids the kids are put into day nursery at the boot camp.

  2. Jan: that could almost be a good addition, except that it wouldn’t necessarily be true. The vast majority of the pillaging scum afflicting the UK are the moment are products of dole-receiving human ATMs and sperm donors.

    Rick: that is a brilliant idea. I would also support compulsory public service for all able-bodied people on the dole. They get pick up refuse, clean public WCs, maintain parks and such, etc.

  3. Conscription is a thorny issue – I would rather go for Christopher’s idea, as long as the sentences were long enough and properly served under a strict regime. Not, of course, a la Russe or Arbeitslager, but strict enough to be thoroughly unpleasant.

  4. I’m not too keen on the Todeslager. Although hanging, drawing, and quartering a number of the offenders in an Arbeitslager as an example might be more effective.

  5. Furry Nuff Hugh,

    But I blame the arsehole setting light to the building, or the murdering scum driving onto the pavement to mow down 3 people. I blame the feral pickpockets who looted the injured fellow with the rucksack. I blame those two idiot girls smashed out of their faces on wine they had looted and boasting about their criminal deeds.

    I didn’t see anyone throwing rocks while their parents held a gun to their heads.

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