Belgrave in macro

Well, as you see I tried out the macro setting again. This time the subject was the entrance of the Belgrave Hospital and I think you can see the arts and crafts influences very clearly. You can also see it was a beautiful and the glass in the door was very clean, providing a great reflection of the nineteenth century terrace across the road!
Belgrave Hospital: decorative detail main entrance

Belgrave Hospital: mosaic and stone carving detail
Belgrave Hospital: mosaic detail
Belgrave Hospital: door knobs

Author: Isobel

I like animals, colour, the Thames, reading, cooking, writing, eating, walking. I don't like bullies, butchers' shops, crowded public transport, Nigel Farage.

28 thoughts on “Belgrave in macro”

  1. They are class pics Isobel, remember the building well, you will not be surprised to hear that there were a couple of decent boozers close by that I used to frequent on a regular basis, now the youngest girl is considering buying in the area, what goes around comes around.

  2. Interesting. What are your memories?
    And which pubs?
    Where is youngest girl looking?
    Sorry, I doubt if you expected all the questions but I really would like to know!

  3. Dorset Arms, one of the first ‘drag’ pubs in South London, The Brewery Tap, bit further up going towards Clapham, near Gambia and Reeks bikes, great small Youngs house.
    She is looking at Camberwell and Loughborough Junction way.

  4. Thanks OMG. What are your memories of the hospital and the pubs? Can you give me more info please? Could be a pint in it!
    Wouldn’t recommend Loughborough Junction particularly, tho’ I have friends there. Camberwell has great parts, and pubs and parks, but has been quite badly hit by the recession.
    I didn’t understand your comment on my page and how it was a response to my post!

  5. I just remember the hospital as a building that was part of the area, that was about it. The Dorset Arms was a very lively pub at weekends with a resident gay drag ‘Queen’ who also used to do a great stand up routine without the drag, looked like a seedy version of Matt Monro, very popular with the locals, straight and gay but in the 60s most of them were still in the closet, must have been bloody crowded in there.
    She is aware of the drawbacks of Loughborough but her biggest concern is the traffic noise in Coldharbour Lane, as for Camberwell she is looking around what I think is called the ‘Bellingdon’ area.
    I took your ‘hint’ and went on the site asking where the party was to be told I was in ‘moderation’, hence my comment.

  6. The Devil is in the detail, Isobel. Great pictures.

    I have tried to take some moon shots tonight, but not that good and the noon was more impressive last night. Will nip over to your page to see whats on show there

  7. She likes posh, as Mrsoldmovie said, just like Mum and Dad, Champagne tastes and beer money.

  8. Has she tried Grove Park, top of Cmaberwell Grove? V nice. I’d not mind living there. Posher than Bellenden and less well known.
    You have been moderated and I am waiting for elucidation.

  9. She has a very keen idea of what kind of area she wants and that part of Camberwell seems to fit the bill, I’ll mention Grove Park though.
    Now you want ‘elucidation’, blimey, I’m going to put a tie on.

  10. What!!!!!?????
    I’m exchanging comments with a man who is not wearing a tie? I may need to lie down for a while.

    Tell her some famous people live nearby (they do).

  11. Now, you’ve excelled yourself here Isobel, these are lovely, I like them very much. I’ve taken the liberty of zooming in on one of them, to the maximum it will go before blurring, just so that you can see how good your macro setting was.

  12. Thanks Val!
    There’s a super macro setting too. I tried it on some text on a plaque, but it’s probably best of insects etc.
    The details on this building are so good. Wouldn’t you love door knobs like this? Mind you, they must be a devil to clean and I suppose harbour all sorts of bacteria, so perhaps not terribly practical for a hospital.
    Could you post the edited version of my Thames pic here? or on your page (temporarily)?

  13. Your London image wouldn’t take zoom at all, no depth of field for me to grab the main feature. The green railings are good but they are not the dominant feature.
    I have cropped to reduce the amount of water and to have as much water as sky, if you get my drift, and have corrected the lighting too. The lightening would be more apparent if there was more depth of field. Great pic nevertheless.

  14. Thanks Val! I regret the loss of the whole reflection, but now the railings have gone I am seeing the green on the walls which I hadn’t really noticed.

  15. Okay, no cropping, just adjusted the light to emphasize both reflections and bring the buildings and bridges a little clearer; howzat?

  16. Side by side I can see that the cropped version is the better picture! More practice needed! Trying to upload a short movie of Cat at the marina to YouTube then my page. Don’t hold your breath! I need to learn how to add music too.

  17. Uploaded and posted, but no music. Just the crunching of my feet on the gravel, whistling wind etc!
    Music will have to wait for another day.

  18. I’ve just commented Isobel, don’t worry about the lack of music, I sang all the way through it…..good job you didn’t hear it though, I’m tone deaf.

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