Trying the macro setting: did it work

I think this one is a bit blurry, though pretty, but I stood slightly further away for this one

and I think it worked pretty well. I didn’t try zooming so that may be the next lesson.

Your verdicts please? Val? Araminta? Janh1?

Author: Isobel

I like animals, colour, the Thames, reading, cooking, writing, eating, walking. I don't like bullies, butchers' shops, crowded public transport, Nigel Farage.

13 thoughts on “Trying the macro setting: did it work”

  1. The second one is excellent, Isobel. It’s a matter of the right distance and a steady hand, but I think you’ve pretty much got it sorted.

    Well done. Plenty of pixels to play with!

  2. Isobel
    I moved the mac close to the window and walked out into the grounds of the estate and from about fifty yards the top picture looks just fine.

  3. Thanks both!
    I’m due a sight test soon too and I do think my eyesight has changed quite rapidly over the past couple of months, so it’ll be interesting what the results are. OMG, perhaps a test would help you too?
    I really want to be able to zoom in on teeny details so that’ll just be practice I guess.

  4. I started playing with macro about a year ago, now I can’t stop using it!! The daffs are really pretty, but does need a bit more focus but the second one is great.

    Keep going Isobel, it is worth the effort 🙂


  5. I agree, don’t do it! Optical zooms are fine, but digital zooms just invent pixels and they rarely get it right. That is the very non-technical version, and I’m sure someone can explain it properly.

  6. You lose resolution… a photo is only as good as the lens you are using.

    You know what happens if you try to enlarge a scanned picture too much – it goes fuzzy because you are ‘spreading’ the pixels too thin. Same with digital zoom. And that’s another non-technical answer!

  7. Good morning Isobel, wow, you clever girl. All the above comments are spot on, as a non professional myself, I can only speak from my experimental disasters. The camera club I go to has taught me a lot, all non professional like me, but they have an advantage over me, they know more.
    The amount of pixels a camera has is useful of course, but without a good lens, they’re not much use, the lens dictates whether you get a good image or a bad one.
    Ultimately, you need a very steady hand, but none of us has that, a tripod is essential; a mono pod too is good, but if you want to see the wings on a bumble bee up close, it’s a tripod.
    The second image here is great, spot on gal.
    I would like you to explain more about the mosaic pieces here, they look very artistic, very clever.

  8. On another topic: did you see the fantastic moon last night?
    A sliver of new moon – but the whole disc was visible and venus was very clear. Did you photograph?

    I have had a quick search on ‘tinternet but haven’t found any images.

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