Screw you Cambuffoon!

Who the hell does that unelected arsehole think he is?

The Brit public and now his own Tories have asked time and again for the right to have our say over the EU. Even if he does believe that membership is in our best interests, that is not his call to make. He is a Public Servant, allow me to transpose, he serves the public. We decide what we want then it is his task to manage that. If enough voters register a concern, and they have via the dubya cubed, then it is his sworn duty to seek the truth. Not to arbitrarily decide what is best for us like petulant children. Lets have a referendum, if the public as a majority still want to be a part of the ridiculous conglom run by the nation we stuffed twice and the cowards who spent their time wedged firmly up Fritz’s exhaust then I will gladly eat my own litter tray.

What a condescending, arrogant prick.

What a shocker!

Surprise news just in, the London Sports Day, looks like it might come in a tad over budget!

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Bloody ‘eck! I reckon no-one thought that might happen.

I suppose we are all supposed to be grateful that the Capital City Improvement Scheme will only overrun by an estimated 270 million for an unexpected security guard cost. Erm did no-one think to budget for security? Sounds to me like there has been a little “Lobbying with extreme Prejudice” here. But the gubmint have come clean and told us all up front that it is ‘only a possibility’ and there is still another 500 million in the kitty before they need to call on the national purse. Continue reading “What a shocker!”

The Fog. Nov CW compytishun.

Dave failed miserably to shut out the excruciating din of his fellow councillors. The fog inside his head was a real pea souper which showed no sign of lifting anytime soon. Why did he insist on the tequila chasers with every pint last night? Rob, his partner in crime from uni had called out of the blue, saying he was in town on business and they should get together for a few ‘sherbets’ and  a catch up. It had been a good night, they yakked endlessly about the old days, where people were now and who’d done what to whom. He vaguely remembered staggering through his front door around one a.m. and little else. Continue reading “The Fog. Nov CW compytishun.”

Hang on a cotton pickin’ minute May.

When I ask, did it become acceptable to arrest anyone for something you think they might do?

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Somewhere along the line the gubmint has managed to engender such fear, that it seems perfectly natural to arrest people in the street who are totally innocent of any crime what-so-ever.

I am not an EDL supporter folks, I find their tactics distasteful. However, they do have the right to peaceful protest in exactly the same way as anyone else in this country. According to this story, they were standing in the street and paying their respects in exactly the same manner as every other member of the public. Continue reading “Hang on a cotton pickin’ minute May.”

Slap my small furry rump and call me Susan!

So there I was today in Chester-le-Street selling my humble pens to the general public at a modest Society Xmas Craft Fair. It went OK by the way, not one of my best selling days but enough to put some mustelid munchies in the fridge. But I digress dear reader.

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Ooh it makes my blood boil.

Manchester yet again I notice. Two lawless scumbags enter a home without the permission/knowledge of the owner with a view to picking up a few choice items for ‘recycling’. According to the news this morning they were both carrying knives.

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Chances of reoffending, Zero. Result!

Naturally the owner took issue with their choice of boutique and remonstrated to such a degree that one of the sub human, oxygen thieves received a knife wound which proved fatal. To quote the Sgt Major (It Ain’t ‘Alf Hot Mum), “Oh dear, what a shame, never mind!”.

The homeowner is now bailed before a hearing in mid October and faces possible charges of murder. Hopefully a similar verdict will be given to the recent cases and he will be cleared of any wrongdoing. Personally I think he should be awarded the keys to the city, a big, bugger off medal and an open top bus tour in his honour. That isn’t what is gripping my exhaust.

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