I have been saying it for a while..

and now the first shoots of evidence are begining to poke through.

Football is as doomed as epilectic octupus at a gelignite juggling jamboree!

Recently we had the Quakers, (Darlington) go into administration. They had a last minute reprieve courtesy of a 50k bung from fans and local busnisses but they are surely on their way.

Now one half of the Weegies are being advised to seek refuge from it’s creditors.

Just like the banks, these self absorbed ‘sportsmen’ have been riding the wave of their own ridiculous publicity.

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That’s ‘Mr’ Shred to you sonny!

So opinion is divided on the stripping of Mr Goodwin’s peerage. Since it was ‘awarded’ for services to banking, my personal take is that he should never have been given it in the first place. Any comfort to be derived from this retraction is cold IMHO.

What does give me ‘paws’ for thought however is the case of Gorbals Mick. Continue reading “That’s ‘Mr’ Shred to you sonny!”

Before Video Games – Jan CW Entry

Here for the all knowing judges consideration is my humble offering for Januarys CW competition.

While da rool was no less than 1000 words. I noticed there was no upper restriction. Here in the region of 7020 words is my tale of derring do on the theme of Marking Time.

Before Video Games

Jimmy was a good kid, no mathematician or literary giant, he had a flair for just making things work.

With no distractions such as multi channel TV, play stations or PCs, Jimmy did what came naturally to kids his age, he made his own entertainment. On non-school days, weather permitting, he was out of the house early and seldom seen until tea-time. He was always back before Dad got home, otherwise stern words from Mam would follow. They were the rules and life on the whole was fair.

So it was one sunny Saturday in May 1978. Up with the birds, Jimmy had a bowl of cornflakes with Dad. “Where you off to today then son?”

“Dunno Dad, we might go up to the hills and make some gliders or there’s the beach. I’ll see if George has thought of anything when I call round his house.” Continue reading “Before Video Games – Jan CW Entry”

OK you Latin buffs…

I have a chance for you to put your knowledge to use instead of beating each other over the head about who did or did not conjugate the verb to go.

No2 daughter is after a latin translation of the following:

“Movement, health, performance, balance and therapy”

Lets see what you hed-ju-kated beggars can do with that.

As an aside, I learned today that there is no provision in latin for ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Go figure.

The Last CW Winner of 2011.

Firstly can I say that I hope you have all had a very merry Xmas and are now preparing for a very happy New Year.

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Furious Ferret

You want to see racism in all it’s ugly splendour?

Look no further than our own gubmint.

At a time when the whole world it seems is up in arms about a comment or two made in the heat of the moment by one uber precious, obscenely overpaid pig skin kicker to another, I saw this on the news last night and any festive spirit I had managed to amass was instantly drained.  Continue reading “Furious Ferret”

December on the Death Star

I watched Robot Chicken Star Wars last night, that is some funny stuff right there. It reminded me of an old Xmas giggle I thought you might like.

Being a complete and utter Star Wars geek, I have taken the time to ‘shaggy dog’ it up a little, I make no apologies.

Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader are having a light sabre duel.

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