December Short Scribblin’

Much to my surprise, I find myself with the honour of setting the December CW rules.

I had a good think about this today and here goes.

Last year I set a theme of a Christmas carol or song. This time I want to keep a similar vein so somewhere in the text you must work in the title of any UK Chart No1 song from any time of year. You cannot simply parrot it though “Sylvester heard Rocket Man on the radio.” It has to scan in normal narrative e.g. “Sylvester exclaimed ‘That bike took off like a rocket. Man it was lightning fast.'” or “Freda traced her trembling finger over the band of gold surrounding the chest.”

Also, I remember my Xmas of old and there always used to be a brilliant ghost story on Beeb 2 of a Xmas Eve. So the general theme of the story should be “Ghosts”.

No more than 2000 words but as few as you like.

I am open to suggestions but I think midnight GMT on the 28th December for the closing date. Gives me enough time to give you all a good judging before the small furry first footin’ festivities of New Year.

I think thats enough,  any number 1 song title, Ghosts, Up to 2000 words, 28th December.

I can’t wait to see what you guys do with that little lot. 🙂

15 thoughts on “December Short Scribblin’”

  1. Right, yes, I will obviously have a go, Furry. The closing date is good, I may have a window of opportunity on the day after Boxing Day! 🙂

  2. eh oop, I’ve just remembered I haven’t remembered to do anything about this one…. yet. Just to refresh my mind:
    Theme Ghosts, up to 2000 to incorporate a song title….Seemples? Not….

  3. Araminta –

    (a) Please refer in the first instance to LW’s open letter to Ferret.


    (b) Be advised that LW has thus far omitted to pay his subscription to the “Save the Bears” Fund.


  4. Bah! Humbug. Popularity? Who cares about popularity winning is all (the judge’s decision is final, right?)

    Bearsy: The check is in the mail.

    I also included a contribution to “The Ancient Queens of Britain(Brisbane) Pty Ltd” a local charity (not sure whether you are included in that group). 🙂

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