The Scottish Play

Well, since it now appears to be a DnMyT instant tradition, you’re getting my first blog on MyT, particularly since it would appear that CWJ has signed on. Hope it’s true!

I agonised about publishing this at the time but eventually plucked up the courage. I got three comments but they were from squarepeg, Stefania and Marya so I had quality on my side, to be fair. The comments have been expunged by MyT, of course,  but I will always remember the kindness that the three of them showed to this newbie.

I have, I hope, tightened up the first attempt a wee bit.

A few days ago, I became the proud owner of one of Coldwaterjohn’s highly -prized virtual quaichs, just because I had gone  to school in the county town a few miles to the south of the cultural and artistic hotbed that is Pitlochry and its Festival Theatre and, as a result, being able to identify that town in his photo.

The photo set me to thinking of my school days and matters thespian. It brought back memories of the superb Shakespearian production that I was lucky enough to witness in my Fifth Year. Every year, the local Repertory Theatre put on a performance of one of the set texts for the  simple reason that it would guarantee them a couple of sell out matinees when all the local pupils got dragged along to see it.

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An Opinion on Concubine v Mistress with commentaries in Italic

I have been consulted by my client, Sheona, as to the distinction that can be made between the terms ‘concubine’ and ‘mistress’ with particular reference to the blog by my learned co-blogger, Janus, entitled ‘Ignoramus though I am, on this day……..’ – op.cit.

The law of Scotland is unclear on this point – that’s what Counsel always used to write in any opinion we ever got from them. Shorthand for ‘ This is going to cost your client an arm’. I have made extensive researches throughout the relevant authorities – I was out on the piss last night, slept it off in the Advocates’ Library and cobbled together this load of rubbish (which is going to cost said client a leg as well) at the last possible minute. 

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I Name the Guilty Man

Bearsy, good whatever it is over there.

I wish to report myself for electoral fraud. At work today, I logged in to MyT (official lunch break) to start reporting the usual Samanta et alii spammers in the hope of clearing them out of the ‘Latest Blog Posts’  as soon as possible. As we all know, that is the only way to find new blogs as the Front Page is useless in the extreme.

Anyhoo, while online, I nipped over to DNMyT to see which particular member of my nation Boa had topped or tried to blow up in in her latest blog. I was relieved to see that, while her blogs were still all about Jocks, her latest victim only got marooned on a desert island and was eventually allowed to die of fairly natural causes. I suppose it’s a step in the right direction.

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