Thanks to MyT and The Chariot

It would be fair to say that I have not been totally enjoying the Ashes Series to date. The odd moment of wild over-optimism; interspersed, far too often, with long hours of realistic contemplation of ‘our’ impending doom.

Whatever! I owe it to the shades of Jonners, CMJ, The Boyle, Fiery Fred, John ‘No nickname that I can remember’ Arlott and, above all, my Dad to glue my ear to Test Match Special throughout the long watches of the night whenever the contest for the urn goes Down Under. 

It’s definitely not been a lot of fun to date. But, two nights ago I had a brief flicker of enjoyment.

The game was grinding on and England were being ground down when Alison Mitchell came to the microphone as Glenn McGrath departed. Alison commented that Glenn had scooped up all the milk chocolate frogs in the sharing bag that she had brought and left the dark ones. This says a lot, of course, about both the selfishness and lack of taste of Glenn and, by extension, of all Australians.

Moving on, Tuffers and Alison set off on a riff on the subject of why a confectioner in Adelaide had gone down the road of marketing chocolate frogs. That’s an interesting story in itself and I leave it to Google to tell you all about Alfred E Haigh and his ranatic* invention of 1915.

The chat was entertaining enough until Alison advised that the boy Alfred had extended his range to other creatures. She said that Haighs also produced chocolate representations of small mouse-like creatures – she thought they might be called brumbies.

Well, even wild horses would not, normally, be able to drag a word of criticism from me when it comes to Alison, A  great commentator and, in my opinion, a thoroughly good egg.

But, it’s 4 in the morning and I am wide awake knowing that she is havering and that she clearly means bilbies and not brumbies. Eventually, Twitter advised her of her faux pas.

So, kudos to MyT and the Chariot. Without my time thereon, I would never have known what a bilby was or had so much self-satisfaction in having that knowledge.

Regards to Bilby if she’s looking in and thanks to her and to all the other MyTers and Charioteers for all the fun over the years.

* ranatic – relating to frogs. Can’t find it defined as such on t’Internet but it seems to me to be a perfectly acceptable coinage from the Latin ‘rana’.

8 thoughts on “Thanks to MyT and The Chariot”

  1. What a delightful post, JM. 🙂

    For a few years, chocolate Bilbies nearly ousted chocolate Bunnies at Easter-time Whereas the Brumbies. of course, stay resolutely out bush.

    Frogs have always played a strong part in the Aussie Lolly Business (Lolly = “sweet”), but opinions in my local Tavern varied widely as to why. Lots of good wind-up material there, I suspect.

    The cricket, so far, has been real test cricket as she used to was, with good and bad on both sides, totally couch-potato-making in any event. But then I’m a real cricket-tragic, as you know.

    At the end-of-the-day (terrible expression, what’s wrong with ‘stumps’?), it hardly matters who wins, so long as they speak (some dialect of) English and drink (some variant of) beer.

    ‘Ave a good one!

  2. JM, Merriam-Webster to your rescue!

    Definition of ranine
    : of or relating to frogs
    : of or relating to the region beneath the tip of the tongue; specifically : constituting the branch of the lingual artery supplying this region or the corresponding vein which is a tributary of the facial vein

    Just sayin’.

  3. Ah, but do you know what a jumbuck is, the one that the swagman shoved in his tucker bag with glee?


  4. Wonderful post, JM.
    Small world, in a car park in Marbella, Espana, yesterday, and a South African chap who doesn’t understand any of the local lingo asks me if I can assist him with the auto pay machine due to the Akubra hat I was wearing. Long chat about the ashes and the state of the Aussie and SA rugby teams ensued, no doubt costing us both more parking fees!
    No chocolate frogs around though. Just churros and liquid chocolate…… mmmmm.

  5. *correction my fellow pedants, it was in Ronda, Andulucia, not Marbella. My apologies.
    What a stunningly beautiful place Ronda is. Hence it deffo wasn’t Marbella!

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