It will probably end in tears.

As a nation, we Jocks are terribly good at being plucky/gallant/unlucky losers. We also get robbed far too often. In my opinion. 

But, things are going unaccountably well at the moment, sporting-wise. We humped England big time at rugby. Even Brian Moore said that we were not that bad! Not expecting to beat Ireland in Dublin this Saturday but clutching at a flickering flame of hope that we just might.

Whatever. As we all know, the major sporting event at the moment is the Cricket World Cup qualifier in Zimbabwe – Group B. Scotland have played 3 and won 3, humbling, in no particular order, Hong Kong, Nepal and Afghanistan.

So, we’ve qualified for the Super Six stage with one game (Zimbabwe) to go.

Win or come second at the next stage and we are in the draw for the 2019 final in England. A man can dream!

It will probably end in tears.






20 thoughts on “Hubris”

  1. JM, 50% of me wishes Scotland every success in their sporting endeavours. Actually, in the case of Ireland, I will be 100% behind Scotland. Of course Zim has had its part to play in a fair number of sporting clashes around the world in recent years. Pocock for Australian rugby, Negri for Italy, and of course Dave Denton for Scotland, oh, and The Beast for South Africa. Then in cricket, there are the Currans (1 active and 1 on the up) for England and de Grandhomme for New Zealand.

    Unfortunately, the Scotland Zim match is to be held in Bulawayo, aka the House of Slaughter, aka the City of Kings. So I won’t be able to attend.

  2. Good morning, JM. During my 14 years in Vikingland I have learned how some smaller nations deal with only intermittent success on the field. They deify their occasional hero(in)es, remember only their own past achievements – and make sure thay can watch the bigger nations on the telly! No nemesis here.

  3. Brian Moore was quite right, Scotland were not at all bad, pretty good, in fact. They were aided and abetted by England being totally crap, especially in the first half. I always cheer for Scotland (except when playing England, obviously, as Mrs FEEG if half Caledonian and I would get earache otherwise. Her nationality depends on who is holding the Calcutta Cup 🙂 ). At one time, I feared it might be a cricket score.

    Not so sure about their actual cricketing prowess, though.

  4. Good afternoon Sipu.

    Good to see DD back in favour for Scotland after his two year absence. He’s on the bench for the Dublin game and I’m sure we’ll see him at some point.

    Got a lot of time for Tom Curran. I think he’ll be around the Test side for a good few years if he maintains his current form. I see that there are actually two further brothers in the pipeline – Sam and young Ben.

    The Beast has been one of my sporting heroes ever since I saw him live – playing for Sharks against the Griquas in Durban. The ‘Beast’ chant every time he received the ball was spine-tingling. Gutted that he was injured and had gone home when Scotland played the Bokke at Murrayfield a few years ago. I didn’t know he was yet another sporting product of Zim.

    Got my ICC app installed and I’ll be following events in Bulawayo on March 12th. In truth, I still expect that it will be Windies and Zim that qualify in the end but I will hold on to the dream for as long as possible.

  5. Aye right, Janus!

    ‘I have learned how some smaller nations deal with only intermittent success on the field. They deify their occasional hero(in)es, remember only their own past achievements …….’

    I have only three things to say to you.

    1. Pots often draw attention to the blackness of kettles.

    2. 1966 was a very long time ago.

    3. It wasn’t a goal.

  6. Hi FEEG

    I hated Brian Moore with a passion when he hooked for England. He was right up there in my personal Pantheon of torn-faced English wastes of space, treading hard on the heels of Will Carling, Jeremy Guscott and Martin Johnson.

    Obviously he has slipped down that particular chart with the emergence of Dylan Hartley and Owen ‘Mad Eyes’ Farrell. I confidently expect, by the way, that Captain ‘Mad Eyes’ will, at the very least, earn a yellow card in Paris tomorrow.

    Moving on, I am now totally pro Brian Moore, rugby-wise. A great commentator/summariser who lucidly explains the game in general (and the scrum in particular). I even follow him on Twitter – sound on rugby, law, Trump and opera but a bit iffy on Brexit. In my opinion.

    Scots cricket prowess-wise, I can only refer you to the greatest English captain of all time. I refer, of course, to the immortal memory of Douglas Jardine. Born in India of Scots parents while we were helping the English to run the British Empire with our customary efficiency.

    Wiki assures me that DJ was told that Australians really did not like him. His reply was, apparently, ‘The feeling is ******* mutual.’

  7. Commiserations, my castle-dwelling cousin on last night’s result. No water bottles were harmed. Wonder why?

    What gets my anteater is rugby fellows calling their games- Tests. Jason, Morelos and Candeias! They only “play” for 80 Ted McMinutes. That’s not a Test.

    Boycott blocking for 6 runs in 80 minutes is what you call a test. Botham half-centurying v four seamers in 80 minutes is what you call a test. Latin o grade 80 minutes, that is what you call a test.

    As for the Scotland cricket team. Dum vita est, spes est.

  8. The aforementioned Moore is of course a lawyer by education. That explains his front-row persona and need to tweet.

  9. PS fortunately England also plays games at which we excel – even after 1966. Does Scotland?

  10. The GB curling teams in the Winter Olympics were 100% Scottish, Janus. Don’t know the names of any English curlers of great merit. Do you? I won’t mention Andy and Jamie Murray, who managed to drag GB into winning the Davis Cup – oops, I’ve just done that!

  11. J: I will have you know that the front row is the most skilled, athletic, sophisticated and intelligent part of a rugby team that there is. The fact they can also drink more beer than the rest of the team put together is neither here nor there! 🙂

  12. FEEG, nobody ever dares to disagree with the front-row’s evaluation of its worth! Brian Moore is a fine example.

    Sheona, how could I forget the curlers?! I mean the Scottish curling teams, men and women who prove they have the stones to win.

    JW, did any Scot ever finish a round of Battleships? Not here they didn’t! 😦

  13. Tears all round today for both the Angles and the Scots. Both were outplayed by their better on the day opposition. Time for a bit of arse kicking, methinks.

  14. A fine result for both teams, Sipu. Our path is now clear. Looking forward to thumping Ireland tomorrow Live on Sky Sports from 7.30 am.

  15. But Scotland scraped through against Italy, which is probably more satisfying. I confess, I did feel a little sorry for Italy. As for England, shocking performance.

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