Up Yours, Gaius Mucius Scaevola!

As we all know, GMS thrust his right hand into the fire to get right up Lars Porsena’s (of Clusium) nostrils. His claim, apparently, was that it was a significant sacrifice.

Rightist Bastard. Some of us would have been more distressed, had we had to present our sinister phalanges to the flame.

Anyhoo, and this is important to me. Today is, apparently, International Left Handers Day.

Whoopee! Not sure that there are any other Southpaws out there who are still posting to the Chariot.

Whatever! I am left-handed, right-brained and proud.

Forza la sinistra, non-politically.

7 thoughts on “Up Yours, Gaius Mucius Scaevola!”

  1. He’d have preferred Gaius, methinks; and strength to your serried ranks of left arms!

    Typo fixed – Prasutagus 😊

  2. My Mum was a kittypaw and the only one in the family as far as I can remember. She always bemoaned the lack of left handed scissors, but not left handed spoons or screwdrivers for some reason. As an aside, quite a few of the characters in ‘The Simpsons’ are left handers, apparently because Matt Groening is so himself.


  3. Oz: In school, I usually had to use the left-handed scissors because there was always a scrum for the others and when I got there, there were none left. It made me understand my left-handed mother’s plight.

  4. I’m a crazy mixed up kid. I do some things right handed (e.g. writing, playing guitar) and some things left handed (e.g. deal cards, used a screwdriver). What does that make me? 🙂

  5. My cousin’s son plays cricket, tennis and even golf, for Heaven’s sake, right handed or left handed depending on his whim that moment or that day. I could never turn left on a pair of roller skates or throw a dart left handed.


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