Couldn’t get away with it these days!

Version 2 after yesterday’s failure – I’ve re-read the manual!

An old chum emailed me these old adverts recently – I thought as there may be a few…..ahem….older charioteers who may remember some of them…. 😀


8 thoughts on “Couldn’t get away with it these days!”

  1. Some great attitudes captured in ads of their time. “blow in her face…” – what?!

  2. Oh to be a copy writer in those far off enlightened days. The first people you consult these days before you run the copy are lawyers.

  3. Actually all it illustrates is that the mendacity of advertising is as old as advertising itself.
    I have no doubt that we ourselves, or at least most dumb-arses; are still susceptible to the blandishments of more modern advertising garbage.
    Ask yourself how they managed to foist all this PC crap on society, AND MADE IT STICK!

  4. I watched your effort yesterday and decided not to get involved, well done, firstly on deleting your original effort and secondly on producing this.

    Bearsy would be proud of you 🙂

  5. I wonder what the future will think of the bland advertising campaign:
    “Because you’re worth it” – which drives me bobkers

  6. I love these adverts!

    I’m pretty sure that those extolling the virtues of being a housewife were actually an attempt to change attitudes – somewhat like those promoting PC today. And I’m not sure they really worked any better!

    Most are post-WWII adverts and they don’t necessarily represent the attitudes of the day. There was a huge campaign after the war to get women to give up the jobs they had while the men were away fighting so that those returning could get work. These adverts were part of a programme to convince woman that their place was ‘in the home’.

    There are some fantastic Ozzie adverts of the same type and of same era designed to reshape women’s attitudes there!

    Needless to say, some women fell for the propaganda, some didn’t – and a lot of men used it to reinforce their out-of-date attitudes!

  7. Balderdash! Y’all know that the distaff side is here to serve. It’s nature’s way. 😉

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