10 thoughts on “Nature’s way of getting rid of the stupid.”

  1. I half heard about this on the news last night. Had no idea what it was about – not sure that I’m grateful for being wiser!

    Planker – or – Plonker?

  2. This comes under what we usually call “The Darwin Awards” – removing oneself from the gene pool before breeding. Some Charioteers are in support, while others believe that we are heartless sickos, so beware incoming, Cuprum! 😆

  3. Roger, all received and preparing! I genuinely didn’t put this up for any controversy, but hey ho!

    Darwin awards, yes, that’s what my tired nightshift brain was trying to remember, thank you! 😀

  4. There is, of course, a website dedicated to creating awards for people who try to work out ever more ingenious ways of removing themselves from the gene pool.


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