After the rain.

It’s May here in Cyprus…well, it’s May everywhere, but you know what I mean. Yesterday it was so cold and damp that I actually had to light the fire and this afternoon we had four inches of rain. It was hissing it down. However, the rain has cleared away for the moment and the air is lovely and clear this evening, so I took the opportunity to shoot    The ‘lake’ you can see in the distance is the salt lake on the Akrotiri Sovereign Base Area. (Some charioteers will have seen this place. There is a large communication and electronics installation built on the salt pan and during the winter, when the lake is flooded, they service the antennae by row-boat.)

The lake is about 25 miles away, as the crow flies, and you can almost see the shape of the Cape Gata/Akrotiri peninsula.  Beyond the far shore of the lake you can just see the edge of the Med.

3 thoughts on “After the rain.”

  1. Nice pics, Bravo. A Zangada and I came within a gnat’s crotchet of moving into a Cypriot Cave (somewhere in the hills near Pissouri) before falling for the charms of rural Portugal.


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