Old clothes

When I look at photos of the family I can suddenly see how much the boys have changed over the years. (And how much Cyclomaniac and I have aged…) And certain items of clothing stand out, bringing back memories. There’s one particular tee-shirt the Techie wore- it was his favourite and he always put it on as soon as it was dry. It was a bright striped affair, with orange and greens in it. One day I inadvertently altered the colours balance a little through a mis-judged washing procedure and he was quite distraught. Luckily the colours recovered to a degree after a few more washes.

When he grew out of it I had to hide it away. Then a few years later Scout wore it and now it has been handed onto the cousins. I think it is still bearing up, and its on its fourth owner now. Good quality cotton: it wasn’t a cheap item , but certainly well worth it.

Sometimes I look at those old photos….takenΒ  10 or maybe even 15 years ago and I see an item of clothing that I still have. And still wear…maybe only in the garden, or for a quiet night in, but not yet consigned to the rag bag. Today I have been wearing a fleece that must be 14 years old. Crikey.Β  (Next time, maybe I should come back as high maintenance?)

Author: Sarah

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25 thoughts on “Old clothes”

  1. Pseu, I bought my ex an American Football t-shirt many moons ago. It is still the same colours as it was back in the day. My wife wore it until it shrank, a bit, then all three of my children in their turn, and now my Grandson and Grandaughter have had their go at it and it’s been put away for whoever comes next πŸ™‚

  2. Oh! That reminds me of Dad’s rugby shirt, which I wore as a teenager. I wonder what happened to that?

  3. He played for Mosely. (not the first team, but thirds or something like that)

  4. Great post Pseu, I’ll come back to this later, I have just ordered an Indian meal, the snooker semi is on any minute so I’ll be back tomorrow.

  5. Hiya Pseu – Some of my clothes are so old they’ve come back into fashion. 😦


  6. Akershully, OZ, I find going into Dotty P’s at present is a bit like a 70’s time warp in certain areas…

  7. I have a couple of long skirts that I still wear – I made them well over 25 years ago, and they still look good.

  8. I still have a Denison Para Smock acquired in another life. I got it in 76ish and looking at the label, it would appear to have been made in 69. It is in mint condition and Walts on Ebay, pay serious money for this sort of kit! πŸ™‚

  9. Reminds me of the boy’s uniform when he went to boarding school at 7 and a half. Everything had to be bought at Peter Jones. The prices were faint inducing! They insisted on selling clothes that would get a few years wear. He was still wearing his rugby shirts at Uni for practise and they were still in good order when I gave them to the charity shop a year ago, they had lasted 24 years, being used and washed pretty harshly!

    I regularly keep things 25 years and wear them! I used to buy a fair bit of Jaeger until they started manufacturing in the far East, had a dress fall apart on me, at 300 quid (25 years ago) or so I expect it to hang together! Sent it back to the managing director blasting them, they remade it perfectly, totally, still wear it, a nice black silk drape with cream polka dots, very useful for evenings. Have a bit of a giggle every time I wear it over that letter!

    Every now and again I have a purge, mainly because I reckon I am too old to wear a certain style,
    I send them to all my friend’s children, the girls that is! The last, had two Diane Freis before I left the UK, she was over the moon, matched her jackboots just perfectly, nice to see someone appreciate good design and manufacture.
    I like to see them go to a good home! I wouldn’t want to sell them, might go to someone of whom I didn’t approve! (Nearly everybody!) The thought of a PC liberal getting a bargain makes me feel quite ill!!!

    Then there are the garden clothes! Oh dear, I have seen tramps with better garments! No one but no one would even want them for rags! Straight into the bin when I’ve finally finished with them full of holes and rents from fighting with roses.

  10. Mrs Toc Toc has just donated several thousand pounds worth (I kid you not) of really good kit to the local charity shop. They must have thought they had died and gone to heaven. Every day we drive past the shop, the window is full of Toc, Toc’s clothes. She has now started to reinvest in some serious retail therapy! πŸ™‚

  11. Toc,trouble is if you do that in your own locality you end up seeing all sorts of people dressed in your clothes and rather wish you hadn’t! Imagine going to some ‘do’ and finding the local labour MP/councillor/whatever’s wife dressed in one of your outfits!
    The horror of it!

  12. LOl Christiana. Very true. When I first met Toc Toc she was and 8. She is now a 10. Not many around here that size. I would never attend any freaking Labour do on pain of death. πŸ™‚

  13. Oh God, yes, Tina: how frightful! πŸ™‚

    I am somewhat relieved that you mention Jaeger; I have to admit that I since you mentioned you used to shop at Gladys Falloon, I lost confidence in your taste in clothes.

    I went there once, and apart from the fact that their clothes started at a generous size 12, it was dire. Just the sort of thing that old biddies used to wear for bridge afternoons at Phylis Court. Utterly ghastly.

    I feel so much better now.

  14. Funny thing is Christina, Toc Toc since she has retired is now into jeans. Not your normal jeans tough but an American brand and an American size 4! It makes her fell really good. πŸ™‚

  15. Aha, Toc: yes, I’m the same, but one does have to be slim to look good in jeans.

    I do occasionally dress up though, when it’s absolutely required. πŸ˜‰

  16. Bugger, bugger and double bugger! Jeans though and feel really good. 😦

  17. I came across a photo of me about 18 or 20 years ago, I’m wearing a pair of size 8 shorts, no bra, because I didn’t have much to put in one so it seemed pointless. I was sporting a hairstyle that made my grandson say “What’s with all the hair then Granny?”
    As I’ve grown to a size 14, I couldn’t get one leg into those damn shorts now.

    I have bought clothes items from a charity shop; they were my own that I’d taken in the week before and regretted doing it. Don’t throw anything away, you may want it….unless of course, it’s a pair of size 8 shorts.

  18. Afternoon all…

    Sometimes I think of certain situations and can remember specifically what I was wearing at the time. A certain pair of red trousers and a floral slit neck top….. (sigh) for example.

    Recently I got the wedding dress out and tried it on. Had never put it on since the day in 1987. Could still do it up, but a little too tight to wear.

  19. tocino :

    Mrs Toc Toc has just donated several thousand pounds worth (I kid you not) of really good kit to the local charity shop. They must have thought they had died and gone to heaven. Every day we drive past the shop, the window is full of Toc, Toc’s clothes. She has now started to reinvest in some serious retail therapy! :-)

    I don’t think I have ever owned clothes that would amount to that value….

  20. This struck a chord, Pseu. Amazing how some things last.. and you only do realise when you look back at the pics. My oldest item – which i wore on the bike the other day on one of those warm sunny days and it billows coolly in the breeze – is an oversize Grolsch T shirt with a pop-art pattern on it which DT man won in a competition twenty years ago.

    He gave it to no 2 son, who was besotted with it (as he was way too young to drink Grolsch it had high street cred) and when he got fed up with it, it migrated back to DT man who considered it far too old to bother with – and back to me! I still like it. It’s vintage.

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