Whacko of the Week (3)

It must be Whacko Week. Another Group award, who were the bubble-heads who approved these as the mascots for the 2012 Olympics. What message does it send? ‘This is the best our dumbed-down, neotenic society can produce?’

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23 thoughts on “Whacko of the Week (3)”

  1. Nive word, Bravo!
    Neoteny (pronounced /niːˈɒtɨniː/), also called juvenilization, is the retention, by adults in a species, of traits previously seen only in juveniles (a kind of pedomorphosis), and is a subject studied in the field of developmental biology. In neoteny, the physiological (or somatic) development of an animal or organism is slowed or delayed (fallaciously, seen as a dilation of biological time). Ultimately this process results in the retention, in the adults of a species, of juvenile physical characteristics well into maturity. The English word neoteny is borrowed from the German Neotenie, the latter constructed from the Greek νέος (young) and τείνειν (tend to). The standard adjectival form is “neotenous”[2], although “neotenic” is often used. In invertebrate biology, neoteny is most easily identified when sexually mature, completely viable juveniles or larvae are found.

  2. The technical term is also known as pedogenesis. Personally, I think that the retention of jevenile characteristics in maturity is an apt description of much of what is going on in the UK.

  3. I see these balloons as pandering to the lowest common denominator. Just look at the Olympic logo – a 3rd rate grafitti on an Underground train. I have an autistic girl in my class who in a few squiggles in blue and red, drew the River Thames with a regal crown on top, the whole thing a sort of ribbon effect and very striking. Looking at Bravo’s picture, I can see the windows of the house have bars inside … are these creatures expecting missiles to be thrown?

  4. As mascots go I was rather disappointed with this fellow when he was thrust upon us at some FIFA event a couple of years ago.

    His name Zakumi is a combination of our international call sign ZA and the word ten (kumi) in various African languages.

    It’ fair to say that he has grown on me, (I even have a T shirt with him on it!)

    I must admit that my initial reaction to these 2012 mascots is “what the …. ?” time will tell.

  5. Papa, no …”the windows of the house have bars inside “. The designers have already been committed.

  6. They remind me of a cross between the Teletubbies and the Aliens on The Simpsons.

  7. Didn’t public outrage succeed in having the original Olympic logo changed a while ago? Perhaps we can have these two quietly put down too.

    If I saw these two creatures prancing around outside, I’d have bars put on my windows too!

  8. I hope they don’t get too much publicity; I can just envisage teachers being made to dress up as these two in end of term high jinks on sports day or summat.

  9. One eyed monsters.
    Very much descriptive of my experience of dealing with some bloggers on certain websites.
    Thanks Soutie, for doing the holiday relieve. 🙂

  10. ‘The technical term is also known as pedogenesis. Personally, I think that the retention of jevenile characteristics in maturity is an apt description of much of what is going on in the U’

    Yes dear, but in which orifice?

  11. When I see ‘one eyed’ I keep thinking – no I shouldn’t say it.

    Oh all right then.
    A one eyed trouser snake

  12. For world expo 1988 in Brisbane they chose a platypus as a mascot and commissioned a well known wildlife artist (a relative of mine) to make a sculpture of a platypus which could be reproduced for sale to complement the official ‘dressing up ‘one. Beautifully done and tasteful.

    Why can’t we do something similar?

    Something quintessentially English, such as a badger, made in mascot form and then a really good mini sculpture which could be sold to commemorate the event.

  13. A tribute to CCTV Britain; hilarious! I used that line today. Taking all the credit, naturally..

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