Raise your glass

“You’re not marrying her for her matchboxes?”

In a fortnight’s time my brother-in-law is making an honest woman of his partner and I have been chosen as the best man. This will be the third time I have been given the honour of being the “best”. Luckily, yet again, no kilts will be involved. A man in a skirt just isn’t right, now is it? Continue reading “Raise your glass”

Competition links

Just a quick reminder, in case anyone has missed the carefully placed competition links on the right of the page:

the closing date for the short story competition is 31st October, UK midnight.

“The short story should be posted as a separate blog and linked to the one in the link above.
It should be up to 2000 words long on the theme of ‘wedding.’
The first scene will start with two people in a room. There’s a key on the table. During the story you should include the words ‘football’ and ‘armchair’.”

The deadline is Friday November 4th at midnight UK time.

“The photo competition this time is on perspectives… in particular the vanishing point of parallel lines, or the vanishing point of a river or road, or anything where the vanishing point is shown, maybe on a smaller scale …. you get the picture? See what I’m after? Please post your photos in comments on the original post . Thank you!”


It was mostly about headgear yesterday. Posh headgear. Not cycling helmets or berets or straw boaters or little transparent plastic rainhoods the like of which my nan always used to have handy in her bag in case of a sudden rainshower.

It was important that those little rainhoods were transparent. I mean, you pay all that money for a purple rinse so people should jolly well be able to admire it,  even in the harshest of Welsh weather. Continue reading “Headgear”


Nearly 24 years ago we married in front of about 100 friends and family. My father had saved specifically for both of his daughters’ weddings and really did us proud. (My sister married a couple of years later).

The Church was beautifully decorated with flowers and the reception was in an old castle with superb caterers. It rained before the ceremony and we – that is my two candy-striped bridesmaids and I, with my Dad, walked up the drive of the church under umbrellas, which amused me and stressed Dad! But then the day turned out fine and we have a traditional set of photographs which recorded the whole event. In addition an old family friend took some lovely dis-inhibited photographs in black and white which caught the spirit of the day fantastically – including the hat balancing and the silly imitation Australian hat during the speeches. I learned afterwards that it was only after the speeches that Cycloman really could start to  enjoy himself! Continue reading “Memories”