Competition links

Just a quick reminder, in case anyone has missed the carefully placed competition links on the right of the page:

the closing date for the short story competition is 31st October, UK midnight.

“The short story should be posted as a separate blog and linked to the one in the link above.
It should be up to 2000 words long on the theme of ‘wedding.’
The first scene will start with two people in a room. There’s a key on the table. During the story you should include the words ‘football’ and ‘armchair’.”

The deadline is Friday November 4th at midnight UK time.

“The photo competition this time is on perspectives… in particular the vanishing point of parallel lines, or the vanishing point of a river or road, or anything where the vanishing point is shown, maybe on a smaller scale …. you get the picture? See what I’m after? Please post your photos in comments on the original post . Thank you!”

Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

10 thoughts on “Competition links”

  1. Hi Pseu.
    Just this once, because it’s in a very good cause, I’ll let you get away with the red text. It’s normally a no-no, but seeing as it’s you … 😆

  2. It’s all right really Pseu! I put up red text to remind people that there are only so many questions to answer on my quizzes….

    … and then change it when I’m sure everyone has seen it!

    I reckon your red text qualifies under these circumstances 🙂

  3. The blue colour that links are shown in, and the green of the sidebar headings are both part of our scheme; similar pastels are probably OK too. Red is reserved for ‘mergencies, or ‘screamers’, as the journos say.

    But don’t take it too seriously, I was only ‘doing a Mackie’. 🙂

  4. Bearsy :

    I’ll let you get away with the red text.

    That’s a relief, I thought that there might have been a declaration of war! 🙂

  5. Please Pseu, it was only a throw-away quip. You are never the cause of strife on The Chariot; your articles and comments are always greatly appreciated. 🙂

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