The aerial men came out today.
After months of a pixilated picture all broken up or frozen (on certain channels worse than others) we now have a new aerial, a boost box and clear pictures on the two TVs in the house. It wasn’t cheap, but I hope it’s worth it. We don’t watch a great deal of TV, but it is most frustrating when the one thing that deserves watching is in fact un-watchable because of a poor picture.

Whilst clambering on the roof the TV aerial man discovered that we have a wasp nest in the edge of the roof. The wasps didn’t appreciate his presence. Rather disconcerting for him. If it had been me discovering a swarm of wasps while I was on the roof I’d have fallen off. One good reason I’m not a TV aerial technician.

Anyway the wasp nest discovery explains the changed appearance of the wood on the porch. Continue reading “Nests”