Dewani appeal decision

Anni Dewani

Two High court judges have ruled that the extradition of Anni Dewani’s husband, accused by South African authorities of masterminding the murder of his wife be temporarily halted. (DT article here)

They haven’t upheld the appeal but temporarily halted it.

Members may recall that on the 10th August, 2011 District Judge Howard Riddle approved the extradition request a decision subsequently approved by The UK Home Secretary (Theresa May.)

It was decided by the High Court judges that Shrien Dewani is too unwell to stand trial, he is apparently suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD.) They added that  it was plainly in the interests of justice that he should be extradited “as soon as he is fit” to be tried.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Anni’s family, still no finality.

Meanwhile, Shrein remains locked up in some nuthouse somewhere or other, I view it as a self imposed life sentence, his life must be an absolute misery at the moment, far better for him to recover, go to Cape Town and end the matter one way or the other.

I Am Fed Up!

I have had just about enough of theses endless cries of ‘racism’ that are being bandied around at every opportunity, not just in Britain, but around the world. While some are legitimate and provide cause for concern, others are trivial in the extreme. What they all share in common, however, is that they are white on black attacks, whether verbal or physical and that they are being pursued with unmitigated vigour by the law and the press. The reason I am so angry is that many cases are as I said, trivial in the extreme while at the same time similar as well as much, much worse examples of black on white attacks are ignored. Continue reading “I Am Fed Up!”