Dewani appeal decision

Anni Dewani

Two High court judges have ruled that the extradition of Anni Dewani’s husband, accused by South African authorities of masterminding the murder of his wife be temporarily halted. (DT article here)

They haven’t upheld the appeal but temporarily halted it.

Members may recall that on the 10th August, 2011 District Judge Howard Riddle approved the extradition request a decision subsequently approved by The UK Home Secretary (Theresa May.)

It was decided by the High Court judges that Shrien Dewani is too unwell to stand trial, he is apparently suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD.) They added that  it was plainly in the interests of justice that he should be extradited “as soon as he is fit” to be tried.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Anni’s family, still no finality.

Meanwhile, Shrein remains locked up in some nuthouse somewhere or other, I view it as a self imposed life sentence, his life must be an absolute misery at the moment, far better for him to recover, go to Cape Town and end the matter one way or the other.

5 thoughts on “Dewani appeal decision”

  1. Janus, the 2 triggermen are still ‘awaiting trial.’

    It was the prosecutors intention to try these 2 and Dewani in the same trial.

    Will the prosecution of the 2 go ahead now that Dewani isn’t coming? (for a while at least) It probably has to.

    The taxi driver is of course already doing 18 years.

    This decision is only on the mental health ground, no mention by the judges of ‘fair trials’ or ‘prison conditions’ hopefully Dewani will be brought here some time or other.

    Perhaps the British tabloids could keep an eye out for any improvement in his condition, if they spot him enjoying the high life in Bristol I hope they let the authorities know.

  2. I wonder if Robert Bales, the US soldier who allegedly shot 17 Afghanis will receive the same consideration for his claims of PTSD. Of the two accused, I imagine he has a better claim to that line of defence.

  3. Morning Soutie.

    Did you read this article about the Panorama programme? I didn’t see it, but I understand that it claimed to throw fresh doubts about his guilt, and his relationship with Anni. I agree that there has been so much discussion in the media, both for and against, that the chances of a fair trial are becoming problematic.

    This is from Dewani’s “local” press:

  4. Morning Ara, I did indeed read the articles in the Sunday press (including ours), the CCTV apparently shows a happy couple prior to the murder and a meeting between Dewani and the taxi driver exchanging a bag of money 3 days after the murder.

    I suppose it can be interpreted in many different ways.

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