Talking about moustaches

There is apparently much laughter, hilarity and lots of ‘lol’s’ over on the Daily Mail’s page which describes this photograph of an unfortunate shadow induced moustache as having gone viral and possibly ‘one of the most awkward in history’ (Em, I don’t think so.) Continue reading “Talking about moustaches”



Did you know that if you google ‘haircut’ the first page is taken up almost completely with financial gobbledygook with hardly a coiffered head in sight?

I want to tell you about my neighbour’s plan, he’s a modest working chap, married with 3 children (although I think that 3 is one too many) lives in a modest home and employs 3 staff (a gardener / handyman, a maid and a nanny)

His wife works part time at our local medical centre and he’s employed by one of the motor manufacturers in the city.

Well, sad to say, he’s fallen on hard times lately, his employers are working short time (and have been for the last 18 months or so) which has resulted in him getting behind on his mortgage payments and forced him to increase his overdraft facility and credit card usage. He tells me that life has become untenable. Continue reading “Haircuts”