Bloomers and Bodices: November Short Story

Bloomers and Bodices: November Short Story

Ambrose had the feeling that the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Board of Grace Emporium was spiralling out of control. In all his years as Chairman, this was a first. Must be getting old, he thought as he listened to the increasingly angry exchanges between his two sons. Miss Phelps had abandoned her scribbles and looked hot and ill at ease as she gazed helplessly in his direction. He mimed raising a cup of tea, and was relieved when she slammed her shorthand pad on the boardroom table and fled the room.

They were still in full flow when Gladys, pushing a trolley through the heavy oak door, shouted “Tea’s up gentlemen, and by the way, Miss Phelps sends ‘er apologies. She’s gone ‘ome, she came over all poorly again.”

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It’s my HOT BODY!

There’s some new movement called “SlutWalk” which seems to be about confirming women’s freedom to wear not much in a slutty way.

There’s an image of some girls holding a banner “It’s my hot body. I do what I want.”

Some men might applaud this “outing” of rampant sexuality and from my point of view, yes, women should, within the confines of public decency, feel free to wear what they like. Continue reading “It’s my HOT BODY!”

Towards Androgyny

I note that a new TV series called Man Lab started this week, where James May sets out to save the male. I confess that I didn’t watch it, but according to my TV guide, ‘Captain Slow’ sets out to reconnect modern man with long-forgotten male skills. Modern man, it says, is in crisis. “Written off as a boozy underachiever who can’t multi-task, he has been cut off from his manly roots and has lost his identity and his way.”  

I tend to agree. Recent years have seen a strange phenomenon where men seem to have become distinctly less, well, manly. Continue reading “Towards Androgyny”