It’s my HOT BODY!

There’s some new movement called “SlutWalk” which seems to be about confirming women’s freedom to wear not much in a slutty way.

There’s an image of some girls holding a banner “It’s my hot body. I do what I want.”

Some men might applaud this “outing” of rampant sexuality and from my point of view, yes, women should, within the confines of public decency, feel free to wear what they like.

But girls, please don’t get rat-arsed and insensible wearing your slutty clothes or stuff will happen that you either don’t remember or might regret a couple of months down the line when the rash breaks out.

To quote from the article: “What I still hate are dumb rules. Too sexy or not sexy enough. Indeed, at my age, there is a list of things I am not allowed to wear, except possibly a floral tent or a shroud. Female dress is no one else’s business. I no more want burqas banned than I want bikinis banned. To see a grassroots movement that brings together young women who say “hands off our bodies, and our clothes” is fabulous.”

Well it is, and it isn’t. Yes you should have the right to wear what you like and feel comfortable in which doesn’t offend public decency. But at the same time, we should all keep a sense of responsibility, proportion and self-respect.  And walking back to the car late at night in any City centre these days, there seems to be a real shortage of self-respect amongst young girls – but that’s a whole other blog.

If you’re going to put it all out there like a shop window, don’t complain when guys start asking you the price.

You go to a job interview looking slutty and unless it’s for a position as Vivienne Westwood’s personal assistant, you ain’t going to be appointed as CEO.

You might have guessed by now that I have real difficulty looking slutty. I inherited the Prude gene from my mother. I collapsed laughing the other day when we were clearing out the garage and throwing out the spare dog towels.  One of them was none other than mater’s changing tent for the beach. I modelled it for Capt Sensible, both with head protruding from the elasticated hole in the top and then with head invisible beneath the tent – the position required for complicated manoevres involving undergarments. I can’t even begin to count how often that changing tent was seen at Barry Island and Porthcawl.

To me, slutty is having a hole in your tights or wearing white stilettoes with black. It’s stuff that doesn’t really go and it’s pretty unthinkable to wear things like that.

When I was young we were tennis and hockey-playing outdoor types. A little white tennis skirt never looked slutty, nor did the grey flannel divided hockey skirt.

There were no slutty fashions. The most daring we got was shortening our skirts by rolling them over at the waist. A couple of my friends ended up with mid-thigh skirts necessitating a visit to the headmistress. Me? I stuck at knee-length which was still a considerable improvement on the original ridiculous mid-calf length that mumsie was convinced I’d “grow into.”

Actually, in my early teens, midi skirts and clunky shoes were the rage for a bit – until everyone realised they were horrible.

I loved that brown needlecord belted coat that I saved up for. Mum said it made me look like Whistler’s Mother.

My favourite, and to be honest, quite clingy, petrol blue velvet dress (4th year school disco) was described by my sweet brother as being my British Rail dress – it looked like it the fabric they made seat covers out of.

Even today I wouldn’t have a clue how to look slutty. Is it all about really short skirts and bra straps showing or are those old hat and bondage gear is in? And what are “f*ck me” shoes? Do they have that written on them or something?  Someone please give me a clue.

It’s got to be more than revealing cleavage because cleavages are flopping out all over these days. Girls seem to have bigger bosoms than ever. Have you been to M&S lately?  Gloucester must have the biggest girls in the country – I swear they stock 48 GGG!! As Capt Sensible says “Not very exciting if there’s a 46 inch waist aswell.”

If I was forced at gunpoint to have a stab at slutty I’d get a very short clingy dress,laddered black fishnet tights with white stilettoes, apply some bright red lipstick really badly and completely overdo the eye makeup.  I reckon a few tattoos and an ankle chain would complete the picture.

Men have always have their individual fashion freedom so why shouldn’t women?

All together girls:    “It’s MY HOT BODY and I’LL DO WHAT I WANT!”


I’m just going to change into my sluttiest cream cashmere sweater, my slutty pearls and a nice pair of jeans.

Author: janh1

Part-time hedonist.

34 thoughts on “It’s my HOT BODY!”

  1. Oh so true.

    I wasn’t allowed crushed velvet. Tarty. Nor patent leather shoes. White sandals. Never. Not too much make up.

    And now?
    Be careful: you don’t want to look like as mutton dressed as lamb.

    We are governed by rules of our era, but I do think things can go too far.

  2. As a teen, Mrs Toc’s grandfather asked her if she got her platform boots on prescription. 🙂

  3. I believe this ‘movement’ started because Constable Michael Sanguinetti of the Canadian police had the temerity to say:

    women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized

    Sanguinetti was expressing the long-held, and now discredited, opinion that some women ‘ask for what they get’ by virtue of what they wear and should dress modestly… I can see why there is so much anger. To allow that sort of attitude to return is not acceptable. And as for ‘dressing modestly’ – perhaps Sanguinetti would like to see us all in burkas!

    I couldn’t agree more with you Jan about turning up for an interview inappropriately dressed. The daughter of a friend had, for some strange reason, shaved her head and was most indignant that she didn’t get the job she went for. It turned out that she had worn ‘holy’ jeans and a ‘sacred’ T-shirt as well. She couldn’t / wouldn’t understand that she needed, on some occasions, to ‘conform’.

    As to what is slutty? Well I’ve always assumed that it’s all about giving out the ‘I’m available’ signal. And I don’t think that that has much to do with what one wears – it’s an attitude of mind that will shine through whether one wears a down-to-and-up-to-the-waist outfit or a up-to-the-neck-and down-to-the-floor dress.

  4. Clothing is a sign of how people see themselves, or at least how they wish to project themselves. If a woman dresses like a street walker and is treated like it, it’s her own fault for presenting herself like a woman of low standards. This should not be confused with sexual assault, however.
    Sexual assault is never permissible. Blaming the victim for it is tasteless and unforgivable.

  5. Oh dear! Words change their meaning over the years.

    When I was a teenager, uncountable years ago, the term “slut” meant a woman who was slovenly. Her house was badly kept, she dropped her fag ash on the carpet, her hair was a mess and probably dirty, she might neglect to get dressed all day, and when she did her slip would be showing and her stockings wrinkled. There might be an undercurrent of loose morals, but that was a minor connotation. A slut of that period was epitomised by Yvonne Mitchell in “Woman in a Dressing Gown”, if any of you remember the 1957 film.

    At that time, the word used to describe a woman who could have been (wrongly) criticised by Sanguinetti for attracting rape was tart. Who has not been, in their youth (if they are near my age), to a “Tarts and Vicars” party? Showing too much leg and bosom, but smart, if in a flashy way; eye-makeup plastered on, lashes fluttering. We’ll forget about the donkey and the bowl of custard.

    You knew where you were in those days. Nobody would search out a slut, but tarts were a bloke magnet – and, I should add – they knew how to dissuade unwanted attention with a well-applied 6″ stiletto heel or a deftly swung handbag containing a house-brick.

    “I’ll dress like a tart if I want to” is a reasonable slogan, but surely nobody wants to aspire to slutdom?

    O tempora, o mores. 🙂

  6. Choking on my tea here at Toc’s “prescription platforms” !!!! 😀

    Thanks Soutie. Now don’t be shocked. 😉

    Pseu that was a bit unfair. White Clark’s sandals were not the slightest bit slutty. Come on Pseu you can’t say “we are governed by the rules of our era” and leave it at that… Explain? I don’t feel bound by anything much other than taste rules, but then I have a lot of those!!

  7. What Bearsy said!

    I had to look up the modern usage of ‘slut’, since, like Bearsy, the word means dirty and slovenly to me.

    I also agree that women, rightly or wrongly, had to learn how to deal with unwanted attention – we had no laws of harassment to fall back on.

    I once knew a woman who walked past a building site on her way to work every morning. If she didn’t get a pile of wolf-whistles she would turn round, go home, change and walk back. She didn’t feel one bit threatened or harassed – she openly admitted that she liked the attention!

  8. Interesting comment, Boa. Reminded me of son no 2 coming down from Leeds to meet us for lunch at the Oxo tower to celebrate his brother’s 21st.He was wearing his *best* jeans – covered in what looked like paint specs but were bleached or something. They made him walk right around the edge of the restaurant so he was inconspicuous as he made his way to our table!! He was righteously indignant but with the jeans and backpack, he did look as though he was a house painter. 🙂

    Hi Christopher – yes but the point these days is that the nicest girls often dress “as streetwalkers” because it’s fashionable (i think, just guessing here) and it’s what they choose to do. Which goes to show you sometimes make mistakes if you judge by appearances, which links in with Boa’s comment about it’s not how you dress but a mindset that makes you a slut or not… Interesting, huh?

    Bearsy, you reminded me of Waynetta Slob when you describe sluttishness. The fag-ash has to be an integral part of being a slut, I think!

    You lost me with the donkey and the bowl of custard tho…. 🙂

  9. Jan

    I think you’re right about the fashion angle. What amuses me is that I see young women dressed up ‘tarty’ and some of them are quite uncomfortable about what they are wearing. They tug at the bottom of their skirts and the top of their tops and it’s quite obvious that they are only wearing the outfit because it’s fashionable!

  10. Interesting point, but maybe one sided. I do agree that people showing off too much flesh in the High Street is bad, keep it for the beach where it is less offensive.
    By saying one sided I am referring of course to the fact you mention Women and not men. I have blogged here before on this and feel it is offensive for men to walk down the road without a shirt on, some men may be skinny but others have mounds of flesh that make a shar pei look smooth.

    If you come to Orpington High Street the Neanderthals walk around with lumps of lard oozing out between their top and their short skirts, while their double chins and breasts flail around like sides of pork. Not a pretty sight.

    Then we have other women who wear these tight legging things and no skirt or shorts, a couple of weeks ago (now I am going to be graphic so those of you that get upset stop reading here) I was on the train and a young woman of about 25 got on and sat opposite me wearing such leggings, they were really tight which exposed everything she had,right down to the slit and clit. Sorry but I did warn you. It was not sexy nor did it arouse me in any way, I like a bit of mystery.

  11. Rick

    Too true – mounds of exposed lard on either sex is not a pretty sight! No self-respect – and the young lady on the train clearly had none either!

  12. Jan: it might be fashionable, but people are still judged by the way they dress — whether it is fair or not. I might be a very clean person, but if I wear stained, raggedy clothes people will automatically assume that I am a slob. I might just have run out of nicer clean clothes, but that’s the impression that I give.

  13. Dare I say, Christopher, that only a ‘slob’ will run out of clean clothes! A non-slob will make sure that they’ve done their washing before it reaches that stage!

    The days are long gone when children had to be kept home from school because their clothes needed washing and they had no others, or where the man’s suit was in the pawn-shop on Monday and could only be redeemed after the pay-packet on Friday…

    Very few people have only one change of clothing these days… 🙂

  14. Recently I said elsewhere:
    “2-3 months ago, A Proffesor from a Theology Faculty has given an unfortunate declaration. Addressing women who wear “low-necked clothing,” the professor said: “Once you seduce [someone], you have no right to complain. Let it be understood that I am not advocating those who commit the [rape]. Of course, the crime is quite disgusting. However, during the committal of the crime, the influence of a woman wearing low-cut and seductive clothes is just as big, and it cannot be disregarded.” (Although muslim men are ordered to lower/not to look in a verse, en Nur: 30)

    This caused a great controversy. I thought the hypocrisy blaming women for all the evils, even rape, is something from the east. I see this is partly the case in west too.

    Why are there many degrading words for women such as sl*t, b**tch, t*rt, whereas there are none for male altough they are doing the same and sharing the guilt? ”

    And not recently I said Not 100% related but has major point.

  15. Boadicea: true, you have a point. There are times, however, when things do go wrong.
    One example was when I had to wash my clothes several times because the person who last used the washing machine didn’t check his pockets to ensure that no tissues, or crayons, would be left.

  16. ‘If you’re going to put it all out there like a shop window, don’t complain when guys start asking you the price’

    More likely smash and grab for free!
    Silly bitches.
    Lay you odds they will never have a decent bit of jewellery in their lives, more likely serial doses of VD and unwanted, unknown, fatherless brats for the state to pay for!!!
    Nobody wants for free what is available to all and sundry for the taking.
    Actually I don’t believe there will be too many proper middle class women attending that event.
    My God they should have had an Aunt Anita like mine, she had a chain of up market dress shops and was very heavy on the advice, too damned heavy and very irritating on occasion!
    But she never sent one out in anything but the exactly correct garb, God she was a monster.

  17. Jan – an interesting topic that deserves serious debate.

    I am conflicted between wanting every one, male or female, to wear what they want, but also with the hesitation of what my personal view of tasteful may be! That is shaped by culture, education, previous experiences, confidence etc etc.

    There’s a time and place for every outfit I’m sure, and fellow charioteers have said it all above far more eloquently than I, but speaking as a father I do worry about what image my eldest daughter is trying to give off with some of her outfits! But, I’d hate to be one of those dads that say “you aren’t leaving the house looking like that!”. Instead I hope to teach her subtly that fashion is one thing, being a slave to it another, as is self respect.

    That said, I was brought up to look into a girl’s eyes when talking to her….mainly to stop my embarrassment, not hers!

    Just to lower the tone a little, sorry, but you did ask what are f*ck me shoes. Well, they are normally referred as FMBs (B for boots) where I come from, and as a red blooded male I have to confess to having a passing interest in the aesthetics of a well cut bit of cobbling…’s an example….:D

  18. Apologies for the poor quality! Dreadfully tight round one’s ankles, but they serve a purpose 😀

  19. Off thread, but … while performing in-depth research to unearth a suitable exhibit (above), I chanced upon the following limerick, which made I larf –

    On the chest of a barmaid from Hale
    Were inscribed all the prices of ale.
    Whilst on her behind
    For the sake of the blind
    Were precisely the same, but in Braille.

  20. I read about this subject and was reminded of a similar talk given to us by the local constabulary. There had been a spate of robberies in the area and so we asked the plice to address the community. Amongst other things the speaker told us not ‘behave like idiots and leave your valuables out in the open where they are visible to any passing thief.’

    Natuarlly we were outraged. If he thought that leaving our possesions lying around was an act of idiocy then we would take pride in that apellation. The next day we all drove down town and parked our cars on the side of the street with the windows open and our wallets and cellphones lying on the dashboard while we paraded with our banners and tee-shirts. How surprised we were when we returned to find our possessions gone.

  21. Gorgeous boots, cuprum! They remind me of the film Kinky Boots, based round the shoemaking industry in Northampton. The hero decides to specialise in producing boots for male transvestites in order to save the family business from ruin and the film ends with his boots being displayed on the catwalk in Milan. Fantastic boots they were too.

  22. I have offered to join the local slut parade as a male concerned about tart’s, sorry, women’s rights. I shall be wearing a pair of second hand off white y fronts brought from the local oxfam shop, half a surgical stocking, no suspenders, and a pair of Dr Scholl sandles.

  23. Sorry, omg, but my imagination has shut down in protest at the picture you paint!

  24. Waynetta Slob was Harry Enfield’s finest creation. This one’s good

    Hi Rick, well it is impossible for a man to be a slut but I take your point. Isn’t there some unwritten law about the most unattractive people revealing the most flesh? Jeez, Rick, that girl on the train….eeeew.

    Yes Christopher, I totally agree. We are hard-wired to make a decision
    about someone based solely on appearance in the first three seconds of
    seeing them. I think it takes a further three minutes to change that
    initial impression.

    Hi Levent, that’s surely the classic arrogant sex abuser’s get-out that a woman wearing “seductive clothes” is asking for it… How odd that an educated man could come out with something like that.

    Tina, your Aunty Anita would probably have been on TV these days. Trinny and Aunty Anita.
    A union made in heaven for TV ratings, I suspect! 🙂

  25. Hi Cuprum, you just reminded me that my dad used to say to my mum “You’re not going to let her leave the house looking like that are you?” Then he would retire to the living room with his newspaper to avoid the debate that followed! 🙂

    Thanks for the image. I’m beginning to understand. I did see a girl turning up for a party in some thigh-length laced lilac latex boots. I thought they might be posh waders but all those eyelets would have let the water in something rotten. 😉

    Thanks Bearsy – there’s a glaring spelling error there which I spotted before the shoes (Mr Mackie please note). Ok so *f*ck me shoes are shoes which are nigh on impossible to walk in. Gotcha. Great limerick too!

    Sounds v fetching OMG but no suspenders? Surely everyone likes those? 😉

  26. sheona :

    Gorgeous boots, cuprum! They remind me of the film Kinky Boots, based round the shoemaking industry in Northampton. The hero decides to specialise in producing boots for male transvestites in order to save the family business from ruin and the film ends with his boots being displayed on the catwalk in Milan. Fantastic boots they were too.

    Indeed Sheona, I know the town well as I am nearby resident. They’re very proud of it round these parts, and the cobblers reference was deliberate! They even have a cobbling museum with a pair on display from the film.

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