A few days left

Just a short reminder, as is the custom, to any charitable Charioteer poets out there that haven’t yet entered this month’s poetry competition. Closing date is midnight on Tuesday (23rd October). So far, there are four entries. Two apiece from Soutie and Janus. I’d like to thank these guys and not just for the poems. Both of them have been keeping the place ticking over during this quiet time. Gentlemen, take a bow.

Details of the rules can be found here.

5 thoughts on “A few days left”

  1. Hello 🙂

    Apologies, I’d win no awards under, ‘Best Technical Blogger’ category. If I have a piece that would fit your criteria, do I just post a link here, from my blog?

    Thanks, G&T

  2. GinAndTulips,

    Sorry for being late getting back to you. With time running short (one day left) you should post your poem in a comment on the poetry link on the sidebar. Thank you for taking an interest in the competition and I hope to read your entry.

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