Springbok 7s kit 2011/12


My ghast was completely flabbered when I saw this over the weekend. (hat tip Furry)

On the left is the new Springbok 7s (nicknamed The Blitzbokke) training kit provided by the kit sponsors Canterbury and I assume approved by our lot in charge.

It looks like something one might find in the bdsm section of a sex shop, I’m assured that it’s no prank but the genuine kit our team will be wearing during the upcoming 7s series (and is set to debut at the Gold Coast Sevens in Australia at the end of the month.)

One news report (the reader’s comments are hilarious) has the following tweets –

“Are the @blitzbokke sponsored by a brand of adult nappies this season?”


“The Blitzbokke were accused of trying to give Superman a run for his money.”

My local daily has a poll on what we think of the kit . Here’s the result…

From today's paper

I’d love to be able to put a ‘Humour’ tag on this post but unfortunately unless this is a huge marketing con it sadly appears to be true!

10 thoughts on “Springbok 7s kit 2011/12”

  1. Beyond, if they had an ounce of common sense they would refuse to wear it and resign.

  2. If they wear that kit in the Gold Coast, the Aussies will jeer them off the field. And Fred Niles will probably have them arrested for offensive behaviour! 😀

  3. There seems to be some method to this madness, actually. If they wear this on the field the Aussies could well be so busy laughing that they couldn’t focus fully on the match.

  4. Morning all, it’s awful isn’t it.

    Canterbury are of course a New Zealand company (and I note the The All Blacks are using addidas these days.)

    I wonder if the main sponsors (ABSA bank) are happy? They do say that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

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