The Spear

Not a small painting

Well this has caused a bit of controversy down here.

The ANC aren’t happy, late on Friday, the party issued court papers seeking to interdict the gallery and City Press newspaper, which first published a picture of the painting. The matter will be heard at the High Court in Johannesburg on Tuesday (tomorrow.)

CAUTION: The uncensored picture follows…… Continue reading “The Spear”

Yankee Chickens Panic at a drop of rain

When an area of Queensland larger than France and Germany put together was under water, did your image and video code still get corrected so that other Charioteers could view them?   Yes!

When our capital city was inundated under 30 metres of water, were your grammar mistakes and your typos still efficiently put right?   Yes!

When Boadicea and I sat for days and weeks under a metal roof pounded incessantly by tropical rainfall at six inches or more per hour, did the high quality of the Chariot degrade for even a minute? No!

When Cyclone Yasi thundered across our State, remaining at Category 1 for a thousand kilometres or more until it crossed the border with the Northern Territory, did we wimper?   No!

But when New York was threatened by no more than a tropical storm, the American nation reacted as though the Four Horsemen had teamed up with Al Qaeda to precipitate Ragnarök.   Certain cherished colleagues – Charioteers who inhabit the effete country and a timid canis lupus – so lost their intestinal fortitude as to suggest that grammar and punctuation were no longer important.   The editorial suite was shaken to its core.

A dose of stiff upper lip (from the Poms), and a laid back “She’ll be right” (from the Aussies) is what you guys need.   Forget punctuation?   “Tell ’em they’re dreaming” [The Castle, 1997].

Toby Harnden summed it up pretty well on the Telegraph.

No disrespect to LW, CO or OZ intended.   Well, not much, anyway. 🙂