Greetings folks!

Not entirely sure I know my a** from my e**** here yet but this is just a quick one to say ‘Hi!’

Looks quite spiffy here and so nice to see all the familiar folks without waiting ages for the site to load and battling past the pesky ads.

Forgive me if I turn up in unexpected places, Bearsy.  You might see me wandering lost in the dark corridors of the WordPress  basement heading for the bins but I’ll probably find my way back to civilization….

Will post a bit of a blog later. With pics if I can manage it.


ps:     I don’t think I’ll be trying a  ‘manual excerpt.’ Doesn’t sound very nice. Only to be attempted if desperate, I feel.

Well ‘ard

Cold, wet, miserable, droopy tail and frizzy fur (again).  It was not the good morning that had boded so much early promise.  At OFFS hrs this morning, Mother Nature put on the most magnificent dawn display.  The sun was still just below the horizon, but the low, grey clouds were already lit from below and shone in places bright red, orange and pink.  It was only two degrees above freezing as I cocked a contemplative leg against a convenient tree and considered the forthcoming day. Continue reading “Well ‘ard”

All in a good cause, continued…

Well last week’s plans to swim twice to kick start the training for Swimathon, ( ) were only half fulfilled. An ill child, a cat with an unexpected fit and sheer exhaustion were the excuses. I hope to do the 100 length challenge in April and have not swum very much over the last year.

Well last week’s plans to swim twice to kick start the training for Swimathon, ( ) were only half fulfilled. An ill child, a cat with an unexpected fit and sheer exhaustion were the excuses. I hope to do the 100 length challenge in April and have not swum very much over the last year.

But now the child is better, the cat released from the vet and I’ve had a lie in this morning, so those excuses are no longer valid …. Continue reading “All in a good cause, continued…”


This may be a bit rambling – the discussion on the OU blog set off a couple of thoughts.

First thought; talent. It would seem reasonable to say that people are talented in different areas. Such a statement seems to raise no controversy when talking about footballers, tennis players, ballet dancers, opera singers, carpenters, mechanics, engineers, or any other physically expressed talent. It would also seem clear that the great majority of people can be brought to a basic level of competency in most things – for example, my early training in the Army was as a tank crewman, so I am reasonably competent with a hammer, a screwdriver and an adjustable spanner, (as well as a 12-pound sledgehammer and a crowbar.) It also seems to be the case that most people, given the opportunity and instruction, can be brought to a higher level of competency in some things. It is, however, equally clear that some people have the basic equipment which allows them to excel in one – or more – particular thing – Andy Murray, Dame Kiri Te Kawana, Auguste Rodin, Michael Phelps – I can play tennis, sing, make models and swim, but… Continue reading “Talents”

On This Day – 14th February 1400

Richard II 1377-1399

The 14th of February 1400 is allegedly the day that Richard II, last of the Plantagenet Kings, died in Pontefract Castle. The cause of death is said to have been starvation.

Richard was born on the 6th of January 1367 in Bordeaux. He was the second son of Edward, the Black Prince, and Joan, later known as the ‘Fair Maid of Kent’. Richard’s grandfather, Edward III, and his father were renowned soldiers.

Richard’s elder brother died in 1371, by which time his father was already an invalid. The Black Prince died in June 1376, leaving Richard, aged nine, as heir to the English Crown.

By 1377, Edward III was also an invalid and declining into senility. He was unable to open the last Parliament of his reign in January 1377, and Richard stood in for him on the opening day.

Edward III died on the 21st of June 1377, and Richard was crowned just eleven days later. Richard swore the, by now, traditional oath to uphold the laws and customs of his ancestors, to protect the Church and the clergy, to do justice to all and, finally, to uphold the laws which the people would ‘justly and reasonably’ choose. He was carried shoulder high from the church and in the process lost a shoe. This was later described as a ‘bad omen’. Continue reading “On This Day – 14th February 1400”

Life in the Centre Lane

Sometimes, my job is not too bad.

Thought I’d write a bit about life, the universe and everything. Been knocking abround this old world for close on sixty years and, though I moved out of the slow lane many years ago, I can’t say that I really live in the fast lane, apart from the odd time when I pull out, cruise along at speed for a bit, then drop back again 🙂 Continue reading “Life in the Centre Lane”


One last one for the Bull (sadly missed)


Oklahoma, where the names go swirling down the drain
And the blog elite, can all feel beat
When the comments vanish, it’s a pain,
Oklahoma, ev’ry day the spammers fill the screen
You do nowt but talk, and we all walk
Making MyT something that HAS BEEN

So many have now left the site
And Onesite cannot get it right
And when we say
There’s no chance in hell you’ll try
We’re only sayin’
You’re doing nowt, Oklahoma!
Oklahoma, GOODBYE!

Apologies to Rogers and Hammerstein

My avatar

Later that same night.

The avatar photo was taken at the Company Chinese New Year bash in Hong Kong.  Earlier that year I had taken a course of singing lessons – a little late in the day, some might think, but, hey, what the hell!  I try to set myself the task each year of learning something new – not just the little things we all learn each day, even at my semi-advanced age, but something substantial that takes some effort and will help to stop my brain turning to porridge.  Easy enough when I get a job in a new country; learning the language will fill the bill, but for other years I like to try something different.   Anyway, that year it was singing.   Continue reading “My avatar”