And the Turgid Tide Surges On…

Surprise, surprise; more Parliamentary sleaze…; there always seems to be another twist.

Is there no end to the thick smelly corruption in which this once fine country finds itself mired?

If this sticks in your craw, don’t forget the ‘golden goodbye’ resettlement expenses and fat pensions this lot voted themselves. And they want MORE?


What would Mr Bumble say about that? ‘

“The country’s in need of a pauper’s burial, Mrs Bumble; so it is.”

Author: Paul

Spiritually me. For the Glory of the Most High. Visit my Facebook Page at

5 thoughts on “And the Turgid Tide Surges On…”

  1. Hello Paul.

    I just love it when your guys are caught with their pants down.

    Our chaps are useless, open to bribes and the odd backhander, that’s politics in the 3rd World for you.

    £5000.00 per day, did I hear correctly? It would appear that our chaps are underselling themselves!

  2. Never ending, Paul. I’m sick of the lot of them. I don’t think I’m ever going to bother voting at all this time.

  3. What amazes me is that they just walk away … anyone else caught out like that would lose all their entitlements and never be employed again. This mob keep all the perks and then go on to highly-paid jobs…

  4. Boa; I know…never have I felt so disillusioned and disinterested in politics. My parents used to mutter all the time about all politicns being crap; I’m becoming just like them now.

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