Cordelia: A Short Story

It was love at first sight. The moment I set eyes on Cordelia I wanted her with a passion my wife neither understood nor forgave for years. Cordelia was resting on the mud, her distress obvious to me, yet her lines were classically beautiful. She had aged well, but neglect has taken its toll. She looked like a proud old lady who had fallen on hard times. She was, in fact, stronger than she appeared and cradled gently, she made the journey by road to her new home on the banks of the Thames.

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February 2011 Creative Writing Competition

Up to 2000 words, as short story around the subject of ‘The Weekend Reunion’, to include  the word ‘jealousy.’
One person has just suffered a bereavement during the last year and another has just discovered an infidelity. Continue reading “February 2011 Creative Writing Competition”


It was thirty years since we met one Sunday afternoon, in a rather stark nurses’ home, where we lived at the start of our training. We were part of a set of 60. (Other ‘sets’ also lived in the home, including the ‘God-Squad.’) No men and no male visitors were permitted in the rooms after a certain time. We had a night porter and a home matron. We had to be adults on the wards and were treated like children in the home. Continue reading “Reunion”