I am at the kitchen table surrounded by books and articles as I start to try and put together an essay (3000 words) for a Uni module –¬† “Facilitating Workplace Learning.” It has been decreed that all nurses in our area (of band five and above) have to have this qualification. When asked my preference for when I’d like to do it I said, “As long as it doesn’t interfere with my gardening.” Three weeks later I had been allocated a funded place. Continue reading “Procrastination”

I feel a bit like this today…..

Still transferring my blogs, and I’ up to this one, so, since I had a bot of a bad hair day today, I thought I’d re-cycle it ūüôā

What is the point…

…… of clingfilm that doesn’t cling? Or cereal wax packets that resist all efforts to open them until you exert so much force that they burst open and spray cereal all over the kitchen? And why can no-one produce an airport luggage trolley which goes in the direction you push it easily, and every time? These are the real mysteries of life. Why can’t IKEA have their assembly instructions for flat-pack furniture translated directly into English instead of having it done in Bahasa first? Why is it that things that say ‘Open Here’ never do and screw-tops don’t? Why am I doomed to go through life pushing doors marked ‘Pull,’ and why are the toilets always at the other end of the building from me? Why are my car keys always in the last place I look, and my glasses always in the car when I’m in the house, and vice-versa and my umbrella always at the other end of the journey when it’s chucking it down? And, most of all, why me?

No More Nobel

Al Gore and The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC) shared a Nobel Prize in 2007. Since receiving the award, a UK court has ruled that An Inconvenient Truth, the work for which Al Gore received his half of the prize, contained nine factual errors. Some have identified even more:

Recently, it was discovered that the UN IPCC 2007 Report, the work for which it received its half of the 2007 Nobel Prize, contained false information regarding the risk of glacier melt, species extinction, sea-level rise and natural disaster in an effort to frighten the public and goad politicians into taking action. By signing this petition, you are sending a clear message that you wish for Al Gore and the UN IPCC to be stripped of their 2007 award.

In signing, you are also asking that the 2007 prize be awareded to Irena Sendler who risked her life daily during WWII to ultimately rescue more than 2,500 Jewish children from the Nazis. Irena Sendler was among those up for the prize in 2007 that Gore and the IPCC won.

If you prefer a candidate other than Sendler, please note it in the comment section. For more on Sendler, visit the bottom link below. Thank you.

Worth a moment of your time, I would have thought.

Another “You couldn’t make it up….” story


The Merseyside Police have been banging on about their right-on technical abilities, when they caught a car-thief using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) surveillance drone.

The only problems is, they forgot to get a Permit to Fly for it from the Civil Aviation Authority. Now, ¬† I know that the UK is plagued by petty regulations thanks to our proto-fascist government, but I would have thought that with something like this, it might be a good idea to get some approval first. ¬†They, ¬†and some other Polices Forces have had to ground their UAVs in the meantime. You couldn’t make it up!

The Virtual Mob spreading spite online…

I am conscious that many of us are not necessarily readers of the DT, so provide this link to an article in today’s DT. It attempts to explain the modern phenomenon of bloggers leaving their natural courtesy and manners – if they ever had any – behind them, when they take to the keyboard. This could so easily have referred to any of the many puerile flame wars which turned MyT into a bearpit. (No offence intended, Bearsy!)

Ball by ball – S.A. vs India

I heard yesterday that our ball by ball commentary is also an unrestricted world wide feed via the internet. I often listen via my computer, seems only fair to allow the rest of the household access to the TV.

I would be interested if fellow members would quickly open the SABC portal and let me know if the broadcast is indeed available in your country.

click here to participate

The optimist

He was the epitome of optimism. ¬†Either that, or he’d got the wrong day.

Waking on Sunday, I had to go to the window to inspect the unfamiliar view. ¬†Out of the soft greys and greens of early morning, I could see the river and the dark grey cliff opposite with a darker point of the church steeple above. ¬†It’s a pretty village, Newnham-on-Severn and most attractive of all from the opposite side of the river at the Old Passage, Arlingham.

But what really caught my attention was the dark figure standing by a lone car parked near the scrubby grass that leads down to the mudbanks and the river. ¬†He was getting his surfboard off the roof rack. Continue reading…

I Really Hate Haggling

Look, I promise I’m not going to make a habit of this but this is another of my MyT blogs, this time from the end of 2008. I’m in the process of copying all my MyT blogs over to¬†my blogsite here just ¬†in case I’m the next one to be consigned to¬† oblivion over there. Apologies to Tina who I know does not approve of such retentive behaviour but hey, we’re all different and entitled to march to our own drum, in my opinion.

My¬†excuse for inflicting this one on you is¬†that it is, I believe, ¬†relevant to omg’s blog. It also explains the avatar which I am using here and which is on the way out in the near future, ¬†for your information.

I really hate haggling, dickering, bargaining or whatever else you wish to call it. I would have been a severe disappointment to my Highland ancestors who thought that a good day out could always be had by nipping over into the next glen to negotiate the transfer of cattle from some neighbouring clan, usually at the point of a claymore.

Continue reading “I Really Hate Haggling”

The Art of Haggling

Even though most of us transact by card these days, there are times when a bit of cash can come in handy. Turn your attention to the rugged looking guy in the riding coat which in no way would I wish you to think ¬†in anyway depicted Oldmovieguy, I gave up smoking years ago. But rather look at the coat which is from the Marlboro ‘Classic’ range and is called a riding coat. Since the weather turned a bit nasty on us a few weeks ago I realised my old coat was just not up to the job as it was a bit light weight, ok for summer and the odd shower but not much cop in a blizzard. So I went of to seek the Australian ‘drizabone’ coat but something about it did not quite fit, so I left it. Then a friend told me about the Marlboro range and after a bit of a ‘google’ found a stockist. The coat you see is the coat I bought and very pleased with it I am indeed. It’s warm, stylish, waterproof in the extreme and, being 6’4″, keeps 90% of me dry. Continue reading “The Art of Haggling”