Gloomy days

It’s so dull and drippy here that when I tried more photos for the ‘Can you guess what is it yet? part II’  I failed miserably to get any decent shots. When doing the close-ups I find natural light works best… the flash at such close range just whites everything out.

So here is the tree we can see from our back garden…

taken in colour, believe it or not. Continue reading “Gloomy days”


I have been looking out for patterns in every day things in response to the current photo competition

“…the theme for the next competition is simply that: ‘Patterns.’ No queensbury rules for this one, it’s rough and tumble, anything goes – in other words, images may be manipulated in any way wished to produce the effect desired by the entrant.”

A few years a go my Cyclo man came home with a new waste paper bin for the newly furnished office, made of that fine metal mesh that was particularly popular at the time. Continue reading “Distortion”


This morning I turned up on time, somewhere.
The car park was empty and there were no people to be seen.
I had come out on a study day – (a non-uniform, proper breaks day, a learn and develop, restful day) – with my home work carefully done and a folder to put it in BUT without my work phone, my work bag or the print out of the email telling me where I should be. Continue reading “Reticulated”

Drippy weather

Fog, frost and no sunshine this morning. The de-frost came quickly, covering the cherry tree in sparkles of light. Even on a dull day, if you look hard you’ll find something beautiful.

Just a thought, but I wondered if we could have a few more categories? Nature and photography spring to mind, but maybe others have a few more ideas?