Black and white: A Christmas Story

“Sorry, Old Girl” said the Major, as his wife glared at him over the top of her reading glasses. It’s true though, he thought to himself. The seasonal covering of snow made them easier to spot, they stood out like sore thumbs. She was glad when it thawed but there was more on the way. The Major always loved snow on Christmas Day. On his short walk to the doctor’s surgery he had spotted three of them. They are taking over, can’t move a bloody inch without falling over one. Send them all back home where they belong. Can’t be doing with this he thought; they’ll be breeding like rabbits and taking over the country.

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The Hit Man (things are seldom what they seem)

Robert Hampton, a rather charmless man, of average height, medium build and with an instantly forgettable face, had carved himself a pleasant, if rather shallow niche in the village of Coltsfoot. He was beginning to feel quite safe in his rural idyll, although it would never do to become too complacent. He enjoyed the comfort of his Victorian cottage with the mundane name of ‘Meadow View’, but he would move on when the lease ran out; he always moved on. Continue reading “The Hit Man (things are seldom what they seem)”

Keep taking the pills: November Short Story

Things are seldom what they seem…..

How true in the case of the  Smith family Tragedy. Nice people by all accounts, and near neighbours, so it was with a frisson of shock that Jill read the article in the local paper. The whole family had been found dead; the police were not looking for anyone in connection with the incident and there was no information as to how the two adults, one seven year old and a young baby had met their fate.

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‘Things Are Seldom What They Seem’ (The Da Vinci Cod Revisited)

This may well be my last post on this or any other site.  Until last Friday,  I was a  typical,  fairly dour Scot who shared our  deep national scepticism about anybody or anything.  All that changed  a few short hours ago when I uncovered  a deep secret  about which certain international  dark forces do not want us to know. It may be that I will go the way of many others and that I and my knowledge will be as ruthlessly and efficiently suppressed as they were. Nonetheless, I will do my utmost to spread that knowledge in the short time that I may have left to me. Continue reading “‘Things Are Seldom What They Seem’ (The Da Vinci Cod Revisited)”

’Things are seldom what they seem…’, Writing Competition November 2010

The major turning point in Dennis’s life started with an innocuous enough comment.
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