Just when you thought you knew it all…

…An advert comes on. And after a few listens, because I’m staring at the model and as models go She’s a Rainbow and a half, I recognise the voice in the background. Get Back! It’s the Rolling Stones, and a song I’ve never heard before. How can this be? I’m the resident rock/music expert around here.

The advert in question is promoting Joy the perfume and the song accompanying it, I later discover, is She’s a Rainbow by the Roling Stones. Geoffrey, Bungle, George and Zippy! How has this delightful tune passed me by?

Then it dawns on me. That’s not my generation. I’m not from those hippy times; I know the hip bands of the present, for what its worth. Sorry for all the hip references for all the Charioteer hip replacement platoon out there (hippy hippy shake smiley thingy)

Here’s the song.  For those Honky Tonkers out there, turn those hearing aids up to 11. Play it Loud.

Your fave toons

Not for the faint-hearted, the Grauniad reveals HM the Queen’s pop picks. Few surprises of course. And if One may do it, so may we, innit?

So I’ll start you off, just to cause a mild flutter of interest or disgust here.

Michelle, the Beatles, Rubber Soul.

Road to Hell, Chris Rhea.

Let’s dance, David Bowie.

…and almost every Buddy Holly and Billy Holliday number!

So now it’s your turn. Don’t be shy.

There is no third way

There are three steps to heaven. The best democracy has an executive, legislature and a judiciary. Basic technical drawing at first year level will show you that designs have a front elevation, end elevation and plan. This three-dimensional world we live in just loves to hit us with threes. The post-impressionist French artist, Paul Cézanne, defined natural things by their geometric shapes. In nature everything was either a cylinder, a cone or a sphere. I could go on with more trinities but it’s time to get the point and it concerns that most basic of popular art: the song. Continue reading “There is no third way”

Not Fade Away

OK, I’m a little slow, so it wasn’t until I heard a short tribute program on ABC Brisbane this arvo that I realised that to mark what would have been his 75th birthday last month, a tribute album had been issued with covers by some fab performers.  I don’t usually like covers, but most of these are beaut – or awesome, as the kids would say.

Here’s Stevie Nicks (think – Fleetwood Mac) with my all time Buddy favourite –

Ringo’s “Think it over” is well worth a listen, too. 🙂

Hear the entire album courtesy of Rolling Stone.