Play with the lovely Christine

The lovely Christine Bleakley, co-presenter of the BBC’s One Show, is going to attempt to water-ski across the English Channel next month as part of a Sport Relief sponsored challenge. I wish her good luck, but so far, her progress looks less than promising, made worse by the fact she could not practice for three weeks because the lake she practised on was frozen.

There is an addictive water skiing game that has appeared on the site, so I  thought you might like to have a go at it. I have so far made the grade to “Rubbish”!

8 thoughts on “Play with the lovely Christine”

  1. One would have thought it more conducive to the charity’s finances had she quietly made a direct debit from her, no doubt, vastly inflated salary.
    I wonder if they realise how offensive and lip curling all this publicity seeking is to so many.

  2. Mrs Osborne. Can be true, but not always, I think. Also, she doesn’t half look good in a tight fitting wet suit! 🙂

  3. Divina in her birthday suit

    The ‘caption’ pseudo tag does not work in comments – Ed.

    Unfortunately you can’t play with the lovely Divina captured here water skiing through the Knysna Heads in her birthday suit!

    This is the picture that graced the front page of my local newspaper’s La Femme supplement yesterday.

    “A NAKED canvas meant something wet and wild to Kenyan artist Davina Dobie recently when she water-skiied through The Heads of Knysna in her birthday suit.”


  4. Hi FEEG, tried more that once to format this comment as I wanted, I now give up, sorry about the mess but I’m sure that you’ll ‘still get the picture’ 🙂

  5. I’m with CO,

    I wonder if the cash this eye candy raises will buy breach blocks or barrels. Or perhaps a new electrified railing for the presidential palace.

    Licence payers money to follow this girls exploits obn her own personal “Aren’t I Great” show. Most folk get on with charitable deeds without feeling the need to shout about it.

  6. Never set eyes on her!

    Thankfully in the US it is generally bloated plutocrats dishing out millions and one never has to look at them!

  7. Souti
    I just singed my eyebrows trying to get closer to the screen ref your pic, can I sue you?

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