What do we call them now?

It has just been announce that would-be assassin of Gordon Brown and all-round bad egg Geoff (Buff) Hoon is to retire from being an M.P.

Another one bites the dust!

The word HOON has become synonymous with words like BERK and other rude expressions when referring to politicians, so I wonder what we can call them now?

Anyone got any ideas?  BANKER might cover it, but I believe that is already taken!

8 thoughts on “What do we call them now?”

  1. And no, I am not suggesting he is a bad egg because he was a would-be assassin of the Gorgon, but because he failed!

  2. He’s a barrister, isn’t he? He could always go back to work and earn an honest living. Er, hang on! Forget that – he’s a barrister…..


  3. He was often referred to as Hoon the Buffoon, wasn’t he? So why not keep to that – the (unemployable) Buffoon.

  4. Christinaosb:

    Aha, it’s a secret (for now anyway)! I am keeping this moniker at least until the One-eyed Scottish Idiot is dethroned!

  5. FEEG – don’t want to worry you old son, but your e-mail address is already visible to authors on whose blogs you’ve made a comment. And that sort of gives the game away, dunnit? 🙂
    Sorry, but that’s the way the system works.

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