23 thoughts on “Some people never grow up.”

  1. 4-E EG, good afternoon and thanks for drawing my attention to this article. Brings back tmemories of happy days.

    That’s Aysha Cockshott on the left of the picture. Daughter (or possible step-daughter) of John P MacIntosh, Labour MP for East Lothian at the time, and, like her father, a thoroughly good egg.

    I speak as a Tory then and now. The Tory Club supported her dad against Jonathan Wills in the 1971 election. We fought a fine campaign but lost to the Broad Left. Also made a couple of mistakes. All of our posters had ‘John P MacIntosh’ and the slogan of that election came from Willie Rushton’s team – ‘You can’t take the ‘P’ out of Rushton.’

    Wills made Gordon B. his Assesssor (the person on the University Court who represented him), and the rest is history. He was elected as Lord Rector in 1974 and I have to admit that I voted for him as did the majority of the Tory Club – the minority went for Sir Fred Catherwood.

    You obviously had to be there, but Gordon really was good company in my student days at Embra. Please understand that I now hate him with a passion for the damage that he has done to our country and, in particular, to the Union and that I will be working to cast him into the outer darkness in May without the slightest regret?

    Doesn’t alter the fact that I have some fond memories of him, But the article in the DT is absolute crud in one respect. He was rubbish at speed beer drinking and I can’t remember the Beer Engines, or the President’s VI, or the Tory Canyon or the Dry Docs, or the Reservoirs or the Edinburgh University Gentlemen’s Drinking Club ever seeking his services.

    I do, however, recall Aysha Cockshott winning a Beer Race in EUGDC colours.

    Yuo really had to be there!

  2. John Mackie:

    Glad to remind you of your student days. Mine are but a long gone memory too, and I too, hate the man’s guts for what he has done to the UK.

    What do you think happened to him to turn him into the idiot he is now, then?

  3. Katie, no. That happened before he came to University.

    My oik school did play against his oik school but I don’t think that we were involved in that particular accident.

    FEEG, it’s a simple answer. Power. We all know what that can do.

  4. To be generous for a moment, lets look at Brown as if we had just landed on the planet. We see a man born out of his time, a man who should have been a dour Scots minister berating his flock with fire and brimstone and damming to hell anyone who dared kick up their heels in pursuit of a good time. We see a man who has lived in the shadow of the biggest and slimiest control freak who ever occupied No10, a man who was duped into taking over just as the wheels fell of the whole bloody shambles of a labour government and who has lived on his own sullied reputation which glistened for an all to brief moment when he courted stardom by selling the family silver and squandering the billions which came his way in the mid-nineties communications licence sell off. A man who has starved the armed forces of money because he does not not ‘do’ the forces thing and a man that is simply, a man, not a leader, not a firebrand, not a communicator, just a man, who is to small for the job he has been lumbered with. But feel no pity, he lusted after the job, he slavered for it, he dribbled blood to get it, but he was to damn stupid to see the chalice was poisoned.

  5. Knocks my faith in the University of Edinburgh, though as a Glaswegian I never had that much. Apparently Brown’s thesis was turgid – they probably gave him his PhD to get rid of him. He seems to have been heading for the title of perpetual student. It looks as if he couldn’t leave the apron strings of alma mater. We were always told what a bright star he was, but boy did that star fizzle out. I suspect he was a very hard worker, but with no intellectual spark.

  6. OZ my boy, sorry to desert you so quickly after our all to brief reunion but I have been watching a 70s film ‘The Adventures of Barry McKenzie’ starring Barry Crocker, a real bonzer bloke.

  7. Sorry JM, I was born in Glasgow and most of my relatives are still in that area, though we moved to Aberdeen when I was young. Thus all my education was in Aberdeen, but I can still understand Rab C Nesbitt!

  8. OMG – Very spooky, true, but Sky rules, Dad! How’s your one-eyed trouser snake these days?


  9. All:
    The only graduates from Edinburgh I have known have been thoroughly decent people. Mind you they have all moved away from Scotland

  10. Sheona: True, but he is MP for a Scottish constituency so not doubt he has a second home there. Your point about him being a hard worker, I suspect he got someone else to write his thesis for him. He cheats at just about everything else:-(

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