Another “You couldn’t make it up….” story


The Merseyside Police have been banging on about their right-on technical abilities, when they caught a car-thief using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) surveillance drone.

The only problems is, they forgot to get a Permit to Fly for it from the Civil Aviation Authority. Now,   I know that the UK is plagued by petty regulations thanks to our proto-fascist government, but I would have thought that with something like this, it might be a good idea to get some approval first.  They,  and some other Polices Forces have had to ground their UAVs in the meantime. You couldn’t make it up!

10 thoughts on “Another “You couldn’t make it up….” story”

  1. Hee Hee FEEG,

    I now know who you were on the other channel! Don’t worry my small furry lips are sealed.

    I used to dabble with remote control model planes and I remember there were very strict rules about models over a certain size or weight, also about where they could be legally flown. A built up area for example was a complete no-no.

    If over a certain size teh model would also require a full airworthiness certificate and annual certification exactly the same as a light aircraft. This is no minor matter I can assure you.

    The buissies say they had teh old sticky foots but the CAA changed the rules in Jan 2010 and they were invalid. It seems extremely short sighted to me that the CAA did not send out notification to all certificate holders that there were to be changes to the legislation. I can only conclude therefore that heaven forbid, the coppers are lying to cover up the fact that they screwed up. Surely not.

    Now I suppose the scouse robbing git will walk free because the evidence from the IR camera will be insubmissable. He will offend again and they will catch him again. What would have been scarey however, would have been the fallout should the UAV crashed into civilian property or caused injury to the public.

  2. Ferret:

    All will be revealed when, hopefully not if, the One-eyed Scottish Idiot is removed from the scene, preferably screaming, “It was’nae me!”

  3. Just out of interest, do your youngsters need a permit or licence of some sorts to fly a kite?

  4. Soutie,

    I bet you think you are being urbane but CAP393 issued by the CAA deals with:

    • Captive balloon, kite and toy balloon flying
    • Issue of Permissions and Exemptions from the ANO [Air Navigation Order] for balloons and kites, where necessary
    • Providing specialist advice on ATC aspects of captive balloon and kite flying
    • Reviewing and issuing annual Airspace Co-ordination Notices.

    There are legal considerations to flying a kite in the UK.

  5. You’ve reminded me of my daughters 14 or 15th birthday. She’s the ‘adventure type’, we surprised her with a para-gliding trip (piggyback on a 2 seater of course) no rules, no licence, phoned the operator and that was that.

    Climbed up a mountain come sand dune and off they went. I think they were up for about 15 minutes, soaring above the coastline and an eventual landing on the beach.

  6. I would think it perfectly legitimate to shoot it out of the sky were it anyway near me or mine, for all one knows it could be guiding incoming missiles!
    Or even worse, spying on my veg!
    Nice of them to provide moving targets, an elegant form of skeet!

    The boy went para gliding off the beach In Malta at the age of 7/8 by himself, they had to adapt a harness he was so small, nobody bothering about licences there seemingly! They used a speedboat and dumped him in the sea when they had finished.

  7. Not sure if you do need a permit for one of these jobbies, there is one around that you can control from an iPhone.

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