Do We Have a Right to Self Determination?

The original concept of Athenian Democracy was to give the citizens of the City-State a say in key policy decisions of the nation.

Should we have that same right today? Or is it right that parliamentary democracy acts in what others believe are our best interests?

Let’s have your views.

I hope this makes for an interesting debate.

You can read background source material on the structure and methods of Modern Parliamentary Democracy and about the Athenian System on my political site resource.

The My-T Escape Committee

Why does it feel like I’m a naughty school boy?

Did I do something wrong?

I expect that going half-way around the world to join a new blog-site is a bit like that. That’s how I feel anyway.

Have the antics of the old guard gotten to some of the less controversial among the community?

Are we just in need of a fresh outlook?

I don’t know the answers but I DO KNOW, that Bearsy has done something pro-active and positive and that I am prepared to support it.

So please join me in adding your comments and blogging in paradise. Hpefully it will be a lot sunnier here… then again here comes Badger!

Just kidding.

At the very least, let’s have nominations for the escape committee.

In case you hadn’t worked it out, I’m ‘Paul’ by the way – the reason I’ve changed is that someone else stole my name!