13 thoughts on “A Warmer Picture”

  1. Bearsy, the header seems to have created a title within a title.

    The header shows as:

    A Warmer Picture>> Sculpture, Hylands Park, Chelmsford, Essex

    The part before the >> is a separate link to the rest. Figure that out!

    This part seems to have posted now I have made a comment in the comment box.

  2. Okay, Ive published the two items here, so I hope it works this time. The image publish appears to be inside the other blog post, so I had to post the blog first. Is that normal?

  3. I can’t Paul, but Bearsy can. If you look at my chilly post, you can see how Bearsy did it, plus another method from Boadicea.

  4. Thanks, I will take a look.

    I just deleted the repeat image. I can double-click on it to enlarge it too. It opens up the file.

  5. It’s all a learning curve, Paul. Bearsy can edit your post and he can check links, HTML etc and figure out what happened.

  6. Minty, I looked on your blog. The Media/Size mentioned options are not on the controls panel for my media. I may have missed something while posting. I didn’t have any problem including a picture in yesterday’s blog, so I thought maybe it was the fact that it was just a picture and no text.

    Now it is really just sizing that is an issue.

  7. Paul, old Buddy.

    There I was in the bowels of the Admin pages, getting my hands dirty with half a dozen tabs open, while, mirabile dictu you were still editing this post!! If you could leave it alone, please, pretty please, for a bit, I’ll not only sort it, I’ll tell you what, how and why!

    But already I can tell you two things.
    One, you’ve used the “Gallery” facility for one picture – not wise, not necessary and won’t give you what you were aiming for.
    Two, you hadn’t completed the Publishing procedure.

    So hands off for an hour or two, and it’ll all be apples (as we say) when you wake up!
    OK? 😉

  8. Bearsy,

    She’s all yours. I thought you’d gone back to bed!

    At least it gave yu a chance to see cross-over editing! Sorry. I know how you like to play with this stuff.

    Sizing is still a mystery.

  9. Me – back to bed? Cheeky monkey!
    No way, I was chasing everything that had happened while I slumbered, writing explanatory comments and following a tortuous thread through the admin pages!

    Sizing is no mystery, nor are galleries or target links(!)
    Have patience my son, and all will be revealed.
    Trust me, I’m an engineer!

  10. Bearsy,

    You are in danger of liking this too much! Always have an oily rag on hand. The question is whether the novelty wears off, or whether you have to stamina and the patience for the long haul.

    I’m off to bed now, so don’t expect an answer.


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