Skipping work…

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One of the benefits of working from home, is I can up and go when I like, so last week, I decided to do a Val and disappear out for two afternoons with my camera.

Tomato Lake is about 20 minutes drive from home, and is a wonderful spot, in a kind of funny location.  Down the road is Belmont Forum shopping centre, and a few kilometres further are the domestic and international airports.  Yet the wildlife seems plentiful and extremely varied.

Lake Monger is a little further from home and in a suburb with large and expensive houses.  It was all very peaceful, and like many others I took a cool drink, some sarnies for lunch, found a bench to sit on and enjoyed the sunshine for a few hours.

Main intention for this was to practice the slideshow, and see if I’d followed Boadicea’s excellent instructions correctly…here goes!

20 thoughts on “Skipping work…”

  1. Thank you Bearsy and Boa, I enjoyed doing the slideshow, and the instructions were so easy to follow. I can say that now…!!!

    I have been keeping track of the Qld situation, am pleased you are all ok. We, in WA have all been thinking of you, and donating of course. I watched the volunteers starting the clean-up yesterday, it was wonderful to see everyone pulling their weight and some.

  2. The clean up will take some time. The roads are pretty badly chewed up – and one of the top priorities is to get supplies through. At least there is milk and bread in the shops now, but vegetables and fruit are in very short supply.

    We’ve been impressed with the organisation here. Anna has done a great job. And the contrast between Kevin up to his knees in water shifting people’s stuff, and Abbot slipping and sliding in his suit and highly polished shoes has not gone unnoticed! Neither of the two Federal ‘leaders’ have done themselves any favours.

  3. I think most people have been impressed with Anna, considering she seemed to be getting a bit of stick beforehand. Amazing how some people can ‘get it together’ when it is needed, and others seem to ‘flap’ around on the sidelines.

    Regards Julia and Tony, nothing surprises me. I did see Kevin up to his knees in it, and ‘mucking’ in with the rest. Tony in a suit and shiny shoes…that is just laughable, does the man have no common sense? (Rhetorical, of course.)

  4. Hi Bootsy, Willy Wagtail is a lovely introduction to a damp and dismal Monday morning! A lovely sequence of shots and CONGRATULATIONS on the slide-show which gives me great encouragement to do the same – and I do trust the instructions implicitly. I hope to put up a slide-show in early February showing my 3 and half year old son in Ghana. He and his mother have been enjoying an 8 week vacation. Lucky them! Thanks again for the trouble you have taken to post these delightful shots.

  5. Hi PapaG, you should definitely give it a go, I’ve had a lot of fun doing the ‘show’, and very much a case of ‘if I can, then anyone can’.

    You should ask Bearsy about the trouble I had putting a photo in the comment box the other week, but then, maybe not!

    Will look forward to seeing photos of your son, he is one lucky guy having 8 weeks away with his Mum.

    Hi Pseu, thanks. I have no idea what the cockatoos were doing, can’t have been huddled to keep warm it was a fairly hot afternoon, maybe they are ‘just good friends!’

  6. Hi Bootsy, who’s a clever girl then? These are a delightful series of images, and what a beautiful location you live in. You have captured the subjects, and the location so beautifully, many congratulations to you, wonderful.

  7. Hi Val, thanks, high praise indeed.

    I do enjoy the location and climate, we have some very colourful,strange looking, and quite vocal wildlife, the kookaburras dawn chorus is a delight to behold, better than any alarm clock, but you get used to it!

    You should pack your camera and head down here, we would have a ball…

  8. Val…Spare bed ready!

    Janus…That’s another of my ‘no idea’, I was curious too, the info board didn’t say.

    Sipu…Thanks, I’ve never known what they were. You don’t happen to know the name of the one ‘with big feet’ too, do you?

  9. Thanks Sipu, thinking about it, and looking at the shape, I’d reckon that’d be a pretty close guess.

  10. Well done with your rapid mastery of the Slideshow, Bootsy.

    Lovely photographs, well worth skipping off for! 🙂

    I was very amused by some of your captions too!

  11. Wonderful! Yes, an excellent use of your time, imo. Thanks, Bootsy, even though it made me feel homesick. 🙂

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