Hillarys Boat Harbour…

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I decided I’d had enough of job searching and resumes today.  I took myself off to Hillarys Boat Harbour, this is a marina with cafes, restaurants, shops and the ferry terminal for Rottnest.

I started with an iced coffee and a strawberry tart, which was refreshing and delicious, but painful to the waistline.  So, I went back to the car and grabbed the camera. 

I did a tour starting at the restaurants, around to the jetty for the ferry and full circle to the apartments and mooring facilities.   I could enjoy working in these surrounding….now there’s a thought!

45 thoughts on “Hillarys Boat Harbour…”

  1. Thanks for the beaut piccies, Bootsy.
    I haven’t been to that particular Marina, but Boadicea and I spent a pleasant day at one further up the coast (the name escapes me) a few years ago when we were over for our grandson’s 21st.

    Nice place, Perth. Almost as nice as Brissie. 😆

  2. The fish and chip shots remind me a bit of Doyles, not the flash place in Sidders but the other one near Bondi. It has a fantastic view of the harbour and bridge at night. And the nosh is good too.

  3. Actually, having had a squiz at Google’s maps and satellite photos, I have a sneaky feeling that it was Hillary’s harbour we visited, but we thought it was called ‘Sorrento’, which is, I gather, a nearby suburb. 😕

  4. That’s Doyles at Watsons Bay, surely, OMG? Not Bondi, I don’t think.

    Boadicea and I first visited it by water taxi from Circular Quay, at dusk. Very romantic – it was before we were married. 🙂

  5. Bearsy
    That’s the place, I know it’s not at Bondi, perhaps I should have said near it. I remember we got a cab from her apartment at Bondi and it didn’t seem to take to long. I also recall the water taxis pulling up in front of us on the little beach. Did you have the double fish and chips special?

  6. Bearsy
    A true Aussy would only have had eyes for one thing. How fast the meter was going in the water taxi.

  7. Hiya Bootsy. You may not know this, but a decade ago I was living in Brisbane and your wonderful piccies reminded me of an excellent restaurant on the Brisbane river ten minutes or so north of the CBD where you could dine al fresco and watch the pelicans grooming themselves on the mooring posts. And what the hell was the name of that other place on the way back from the airport that served quiveringly fresh barramundi and chips…… ? The something Creek Hotel…….? Boadicea? Bearsy? Anyone?


  8. One wonders, are there any architects in Australia? Do landscapers exist?
    Just look at those dreadful breezeblock walls and the planter outside a so called up market restaurant!
    I can never understand why everything there is so brash, crass and so very cheap looking. People compare Australia to the USA, nothing could be further from the truth at least in the realm of real estate.
    Are building materials that expensive over there?

  9. Christina, have you ever been to Oz?

    I don’t think anyone here has compared Australia with the USA. Most of us living here are absolutely delighted that it is not like the US.

    Had I wanted to live in a US-look-alike country, I’d have gone to the States – as it is I’ve vowed never to return to that part of the world again.

  10. Yes, indeed, Boadicea.

    Christina has not been to Australia and I believe I am correct in saying that she has no intention of ever doing so.

    Why she should compare Australia with the US is quite odd.

    Agree with you; wild horses would not make me live in the US and I have refused to do so several times.

    Beautiful place to visit but I have never had the slightest desire to live there.

  11. Christina

    I remember a comment from you which completely wrote off Australia; flora, fauna and climate. I too would be interested to know whether you have ever visited Oz.

  12. Hi Bootsy!

    I enjoyed your post. Looks like a great place to spend the day. Lots of luck with the job hunting. 🙂

  13. There is no comparison between Australia and the USA, and I know of nobody here who would wish it to be otherwise. Keep your sprawling slums and ghettos, we don’t want them, thanks. 🙄

  14. Bearsy :

    That’s Doyles at Watsons Bay, surely, OMG? Not Bondi, I don’t think.

    Boadicea and I first visited it by water taxi from Circular Quay, at dusk. Very romantic – it was before we were married. :-)

    I love Watsons Bay and Doyles. Great food and happy memories. 🙂

  15. Araminta

    I don’t even want to visit. I found it “brash, crass”, shallow and heartless. Sure there are some places I’d like to see – but, my main reason is that I won’t spend my money in a country that makes war illegally. There are a few countries that I wouldn’t visit for ‘ethical’ reasons.

  16. Went to Doyles once with you-know-who. Her eyes were a seething fire of amber.




  17. Yep, well, I understand Boadicea.

    I have been visiting the US for various reasons since I was very young; mainly to visit family, but I agree with your description.

    I flatly refused to re-locate there on a couple of occasions for the reasons you mention. I had no intention of ever bringing up my children in such a society.

    I have a list of no-go places too!

  18. Araminta

    As Bearsy has just pointed out, I do live in OZ, which equally went to war illegally, and I do visit the UK. However, being very rude to both countries, they are just coat-tail-hangers-on. 🙂

  19. By “the rest of the place” I meant the entire USA, of course.
    The West coast beats the East coast, because parts of it are more like Australia and the people are more laid back – one or two are even human – but the system stinks!

  20. Having gone into a total panic mode somewhere on the East coast, a couple of hours drive north of Boston, because I could not get a drink anywhere, because it was Sunday, I went off the whole of the eastern seaboard.

    Quite unfair, I will admit, but that’s how I felt about it at the time. I was on holiday!

  21. Well hello, and thank you for all your comments. Sorry for the late response, I’d planned a quiet evening at home, but ended up having to dash out and help a friend deal with a broken down car and a lift home.

  22. Pseu, I was the Administration Manager for a recruitment company….kind of ironic, when you think about it!

  23. Christina, I may be fairly new to this site, but I am aware of your opinions and forthright manner. Thanks for the input from the residents here, and those who have visited, I totally agree with your experiences of Australia.

    Regarding the ‘upmarket’ restaurant, in this resort it is the finest in regard to the quality of menu and fare. The distinction was only to stress it wasn’t one of the ‘coffee and cake’ cafes. There are many franchise eateries at Hillarys including Dome, Subway and Gloria Jeans, thankfully there is not a McDonalds.

    There are many fine dining restaurants in Perth City, surrounding suburbs and east towards the hills. Hillarys, however, is just a small, relaxed tourist area. I would agree wholeheartedly with you, if this was a 5 star resort, but it isn’t and I didn’t suggest that it was!

    I hope this gives a little more detail for you…

  24. I have no intention of ever going near the place and never have had.
    As yet I have never seen any pictures of any buildings which were not either shacks or vulgar ostentatious displays. Architecture is somewhat important to me and Australia comes up wanting every time.
    Somebody, go out there and try to find a few pictures of tastefully designed buildings!

  25. No way, Christina! It’s all there for you to find.

    From the churches and classic buildings of Adelaide, the dour scot edifices of Melbourne, the (American designed) grandeur of Canberra – with the most impressive Parliament building to be found anywhere in the world (and the stately old Parliament and the Governor’s residence), to the bright adolescence of Perth and Darwin (with its “Wedding Cake”, look it up), the traditional modern city of Sydney (with the Opera House, which is globally renowned) and the sweeping exuberance of Brisbane, not forgetting the beautifully decorated 15′ high metal ceilings and the wrought-iron balconies (find out why!) of traditional homesteads and pubs or the British solidity of GPO buildings and town halls in all rural towns (plus the obligatory war memorial and park), Australia’s got the lot. Go research it, then eat your words, and your heart out.


  26. Thanks Bearsy….well said. I have travelled in many states, and agree with all you say.

    Btw..yes, this is Sorrento..

  27. Christina, not sure why you have a bee in your bonnet about this. Australia is really not how you imagine or describe.

    I can’t for the life of me imagine why so many would migrate here, if it was so dire and bloody awful as you describe. I actually think one has to experience a place before one can be so judgemental..!

  28. Bearsy :

    Bilby – I guess you also liked the restaurants in Manuka?

    Bearsy: there was a great seafood restaurant in Manuka in the 80s; delicious bugs and (once only!) a horribly memorable mutton bird.

  29. If it is so damned wonderful I wonder why we never seem to see any pictures of these said wonders!
    Why people go?
    Probably because it was one of the few places that accepted migrants and anywhere was better than staying in England!
    My putative dislike of the place is quite rational. It was the one regional course in Geography I could not avoid. I sat and showed myself thousands, literally thousands of slides of the place from all over and decided at the ripe old age of 19 that it was not a place I ever wanted to even visit.
    Too hot, too many deserts, too many eucalyptus trees (very grey and depressing) too many shacks with those tin roofs, too many poisonous snakes and evil fauna! Not enough mountains or water for me.
    Everything seemed to happen on the beach, not my scene at all!
    The local accent is particularly ugly and grating.
    So, all in all, never did find anything to recommend it to me. I find it weird that people defend the place so shrilly, especially those not born there!
    I expect the place has things that recommend it to the residents but they don’t appeal to me.
    Interestingly Americans on a personal level rarely defend the USA in the same terms unless they are real red necks.

  30. Christina – You use the word ‘shack’ in the same way that other bloggers scream the word ‘racist’ or ‘bigot’. For a merch from Cymru to denigrate the Aussie accent (of which there are actually a range of variants) is pretty rich, talk about pot calling the kettle black.

    Americans are known as the biggest loud-mouth braggarts and boasters in the world; to hear them talk, one would imagine that everything is always bigger and better in the States – and you perpetuate the same blowhard nonsense in your petulant attacks on a country about which you know diddly-squat.

    Your remarks are often funny, but when you persist in this ill-informed, irrational bile, you portray yourself as an unintelligent, illogical shrew – something I’m sure you wouldn’t like to be labelled as. Turn down the hackles, please, and switch your brain on. 😆

  31. Hmm, well, I had all sorts of ideas at the age of 19, and I’m pleased to say that I have actually matured somewhat in my thinking, Christina; although you may not agree.

    Is this really a “rational” or even intelligent judgement, given you have never even set foot in the place? It’s a whole bloody continent and of immense interest to most serious geographers, I would have thought.

  32. Each to their own.
    I loved much of what I saw in Australia – but only have a ‘Boston – USA area’ visit under my belt to compare the two countries. Chalk and cheese.

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