Log on?

It was  picture-postcard romantic to live deep in the beechwoods in a thatched cottage built for the game-keeper in the mid 1800s, wood-smoke curling up from two tall chimneys every morning as the mist cleared in the Spring sunshine.

But these days our little friends Elf and Softy are daring to point out that even the newest, tightest, most efficient woodstoves pump invisible particles into the rooms they heat. And this time they are absolutely right! Much to the chagrin of the green wellie brigade and other country dwellers with a preference for traditional heating.

I acquired ‘solid’ evidence during the Viking years. First, a dripping nose which coincided exactly with winter sojourns at home; second, the state of the fly screens which we needed in the woods and which were yellow with smoke-dust after a few months’ use (there was no dust outside in the woods!).

So before you chuck another log on, you might want to think again.

Author: janus

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2 thoughts on “Log on?”

  1. Too right!

    The first house Bearsy and I rented in Canberra had a wood stove.

    Hated it from Day 2 when I realised how hard it was to keep the darn thing going and how much work was involved in feeding it endlessly with bits of wood… Give me a switch to press to get warm anytime.

    Absolutely loathed the monster when I came to clean – black soot heavily deposited on every door jamb and lighter layers of soot everywhere else…

    We only stayed there for six months.

    I spent my early years in London and experienced Smog, where, quite literally it was impossible to see one’s hand before one’s face. In those years I spent a great deal of time in hospital with lung problems. The ‘Greenies’ et al need to understand that however ‘good’ their wood-burners might be – they still produce ‘invisible particles’ that are harmful. All too often, ‘Traditional’ does not equate to ‘Good’.

  2. …..and if the logs are not dry the smoke is carcinogenic, depositing highly combustible creosote in the chimney. 😱

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